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New Member

Put parameter to the link in Power BI server paginated report

Hello !
I am trying to fill in field wtih parameter in Power BI server.
In service it works like ?rp:<some parameter>=xxx
But for server it is not working.

My link in Power BI server looks like


And I need to put only one parameter BC.

Idea is to go from other report directly by creation link.


Only way I found it is use ssrs link, which I can create by data feed in load menu.
I belive there is more beautifull way to do it 

Super User
Super User

Power BI Report Server does not use the same style of URL parameters as the Power BI Service, it uses the SSRS style url parameters.


see: Pass a Report Parameter Within a URL - SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) | Microsoft Learn

and here URL access parameter reference - SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) | Microsoft Learn

This is surely not applies, since question is about Power BI RS and your links are about SSRS, no?

@DmitryKo wrote:

This is surely not applies, since question is about Power BI RS and your links are about SSRS, no?

It absolutely applies. Power BI RS is built on top of the SSRS engine.

Weird, since the pages you linked do not even mention rs:embed url parameter, which is probably the most, if not only, useful parameter for Power BI RS. At the same time, most of the parameters mentioned there, such as Section, simply do not work for Power BI RS.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee



You should be able to do it like this: 


In your case, for example: 


Please also note that you should use the parameter name, and not parameter prompt (they can be different) 

Almost every resource I found claims this isn't available in Report Server(on prem) but your solution worked. Thank you SO much!


Glad to help! 😊

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