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PowerBI Server (On Premises) Features to view the past versions of the dashboard uploaded

Hi everyone, i would like to know if Powerbi server (on premises) supports the features of allowing users to see the past versions of the dashboards that have been published on the server. Is there a software or extension that we can incorporate with the PowerBI Server? Eg. like google docs, we can view the changes of the owner has edited.


Kindly advise, thank you.


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Hey there, that's a really solid question, I've been wondering the same thing myself. It's so useful in Google Docs to see the revision history; it can be a game-changer to have that in PowerBI Server as well. AFAIK, I don't think PowerBI Server natively supports viewing past versions of published dashboards, but it would be super helpful if someone knows of an extension or software that can make this happen. If anyone's got the deets on how to add this feature, I'm all ears. Thanks for bringing this up!

Yes, it would make work slightly easier. Any extension would be good 😀

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Thank you for the comment. Do you think PowerBI will have this feature in the future? 

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Super User

No, there is no feature like this. Power BI Report Server only keeps the current version of a report.

I wonder how do people keep track of their past versions... Any idea that you can share?

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