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Memorable Member

Power BI Report Server September 2022 Issues

Hello everyone,
I want to ask, who you are using September 2022 release of Report Server in a test or production environment, if you register any problems or other unexpected behavior, please list them here.


I think it would be helpful to share all known issues in one place.

Thank you very much.

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It does not say too much about it. I do not know how your company's security is set up, but we use Azure Active Directory group to grant access to our Power BI Reporting Services folders, which works very well. 

  • Does the user has the proper permission for your database server?

My last suggestion will be to create the AAD group containing the user and then grant permission on the folder to the newly created AAD.

New Member

Hi there, some feedback came into our notice that we think 2 of them are critial: 

  1. Folders not accessible which have legacy type report ".rsmobile" in them, but turns good when we restore the previous version(May.2022) and reomove the ".rsmobile" reports then upgrade to version(Sep.2022); 
  2. Some users are not able to access the report portal while it tells "An error occurred when invoking the authorization extension." only on the new version(Sep.2022), but they're all good to access the previous version(May.2022) in our another environment restored; (with AD authentication)

I believe on number 1) Mobile reports functionality was discontinued. It was listed in the Deprecated features:




Helper III
Helper III

I just upgraded our environment to September 2022 and the date slicers have changed to where you can no longer type the date. You have to first right-click, highlight the whole date, and then it seems like you can type. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi There,


I am having the same issue; the visual does not get a SetFocus; you can either do what you mentioned in your post or pick a date from the calendar to force Power BI to "activate" or SetFocus on the visual.


I opened the report using the Power BI desktop (RS) September 2022 version to check if the visual exhibited the same behavior in design mode, and it does. 

Previously, if I remember correctly, a user just had to click in the slicer field and type the date. Now it seems even using your process it places the cursor on the end of the date and you have to remove it. If you attempt to backspace to remove all of the characters, when you get to the last character it seems to remove the SetFocus and re-enter the default value. The only way I can get the value to remove is by highlighting the whole thing and hitting delete or backspace.

Same issue here

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Another (minor) issue, after upgrade to Sep22, end-users report me little slower response.


After investigating logs (executionlog3) on two weeks of production usage data after upgrade, there visible significant change, especially on QueryData execution time (ms between TimeStart and TimeEnd), which is slower.


On my environment, during two weeks before upgrade (on May version) average query execution time is 720ms (on 87k queries daily average).

After upgrade on Sep22, during two week, I have average query execution time 890ms (on 76k queries daily average). It's mean, on my production environment, after upgrade, query execution time is about 24% slower (on little smaller load).


Is there anyone else who see any performance change?


Helper II
Helper II



I was trying to update a Daily Data-Driven subscription and when I click Apply, I got the error message: 
An error has occurred. 

Something when wrong. Please try again later.

The error message logged on RSPortal file shows the following 
WARN|65|BadRequest, Errors: An unexpected instance annotation name 'DaysOfWeek.Sunday' was found when reading from the JSON reader, In OData, Instance annotation name must start with @.| RequestID = s_5b8b8f1f-4f52-4a36-ae9c-037bc450428b


I did not have this issue before upgrading to the September 2022 version.


Any help is greatly appreciated. 



Hello, I have same issue in this release.

It's relevant for paginated reports subscriptions, with subscription schedule based on Day (with specified weekdays), Week or Month period.

The following forum discussion helped me with the same issue:

Solved: Problem altering a subscription / JSON reader erro... - Microsoft Power BI Community




I implemented a Subscription Schedule for the report I was having the issue with, as suggested in the link, and it worked. 


It was the only report we had running under its schedule. It is a good practice to run the reports under a subscription schedule.



Super User
Super User

I've also seen a number of people reporting issues with custom visual not loading


Error in visualization of custom visuals. - Microsoft Power BI Community

Custom visuals not rendering after upgrade to Sept... - Microsoft Power BI Community


@Petebro - are either this custom visual issue or the data refresh problem known issues that you are tracking?

Frequent Visitor

Hi Josef,

another problem seems to be the deployment of (any?) Custom Visuals.

I tested with Charticulator and WordCloud custom visuals. When I upload to PBI Service (Cloud) any

of my reports work. When I upload (via PBI Desktop Sep.2022 or direct upload) exactly the same report .pbix to my local PBI Report Server (Sep. 2022), I get following error when running the report page with the visuals in browser:

"Can't display this visual, add it to this report first:  <custom visual name> ... "

Any workarounds available, yet?

Kind Regards,



Doesn't support user input parameters like Power BI Service.

Hello, fix is on the way.

There are two workaround, save from older Power BI Desktop (May). Or add URL suffix to your broswer ?consumePublicCvsWithoutRps=1

Frequent Visitor

hello Josef,
Here we we meet a issue after upgrated to Sep 2022 version.
When we edit data in power query, we found that the SQL query scripts would be boxed in Value.NativeQuery automatically, and then we could not click the step option on the right to edit the SQL




I'm not able to reproduce this issue. For my sources edit sql button works fine. Is it related to some specific data source type (SAP HANA)?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

After upgrading to the September 2022 version, many datasource refreshes started to fail, with a similar error:
"Error: ODBC: SUCCESS_WITH_INFO [01004] Fetched item was truncated." (if PostgreSQL ODBC source)
or "Error: ODBC: SUCCESS_WITH_INFO [01004] String data, right truncated." (if Netezza ODBC source).

Before the upgrade, these refreshes were running fine. I'm still looking for the cause. Does anyone have similar problems?

Yes, we encountered the same problem. We are using Denodo ODBC data source.
Anyone has a solution?

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