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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Power BI Report Server January 2023 has been Released!

We are pleased to announce the January 2023 update for Power BI Report Server.

The release can be found on the Microsoft Download Center


The changelog has been updated with the following information:


  • Power BI Report Server

    • Version: 1.16.8420.13742 (build 15.0.1111.115), Released: January 25, 2023
      • Features
        • Using of single quote in item names is enabled
        • Added ability to speed up History Snapshots loading by disabling its size calculation
        • Accessibility improvements
        • New Teal style theme introduced
      • Bug fixes
        • Fixed issue with datetime type conversion in PBIX reports using MySQL
        • Fixed disabling tooltips in PBIX reports
        • Fixed input of date in date slicer in PBIX reports


As always if you encounter an issue please contact support and/or create a new thread with as much detail as possible and tag @Petebro or @v-alipat. We will try to reply as quickly as possible.


- Alexandra 


Hi @Anonymous , I'm positive that the build by this link is correct and published: 

Let's try to find out why you don't see it.


Do you still see January 2022 version?  Have you tried clearing your browser cookies? 

What is your region? 

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This release has failed all of my reports with below error while uploading new and can't even save through PowerBI Desktop RS version of Jan 2023.




Hi @Prakash_r_n , 

We can't reproduce such an issue in the released Power BI Report Server. 


Could you please check and clarify, in what version of Power BI Desktop your report was created? Was it created using Power BI Desktop optimized for Report Server?

To check the version, you can follow these steps: 

- create a copy of your report 

- change .pbix to .zip extension 

- open the archive and find files Metadata and Settings 

there you should be able to see properties "CreatedFromRelease" and "Version" 



Dear, it's still  january 2022  version with this link, would  you please check? thanks!

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Advocate I
Advocate I

Export data from Matrix table with current layout is still not work,  could it be fixed in this release?

I truly feel they won't let us have this feature, even if it helps reducing the consumption of resources between server and user. 

New Member

Hi @Petebro, @v-alipat,


The Microsoft Documentation has the following info:


  • Power BI Desktop (optimized for Power BI Report Server)

    • Version: 2.112.1421.0 (January 2023), Released: January 25, 2023
      • Support for January 2023 Power BI Report Server
      • Bug fixes


What bugs have been fixed in Desktop?


I have issues with "Error rendering the report" when the canvas size changes (due to opening a new pane). The search function also behaves strange when writing DAX codes. Many times it only finds a field when I also reference the table. 




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