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Performance and memory leak issue - PBIRS Jan 2022



After upgrading our production environment to the Power BI Report Server version of January 2022 (1.13.8054.40631), we have significant performance issues.


At real user load (including a slight evening load), we have a significant slowdown in report queries (approximately by 50%), and much higher CPU usage. This happens a few hours after the last restart of services, and worsens over time.


The problem is only on front-end servers (we have scale-out deployment). And the problem is probably somethere in the RSPowerBI.exe process, which higlly utilizes the CPU and also consumes a large amount of RAM (more than the main msmdsrv.exe process). There is nothing unusual in RSPowerBI * .log.


Does anyone else have these problems?


Is there a solution?


I wanted to reply to let you know the May release is now live with a fix for the issue reported on this thread.

View solution in original post


I wanted to reply to let you know the May release is now live with a fix for the issue reported on this thread.

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Hello, I'm also still waiting for a new fixed version. I'm checking out the status and the new ETA, I will let know. Currently I must reset RSPowerBI every 30min which causes other problems. But without restarts PBIRS is not usable.



I work for an international company, and I am responsible for Power BI in two countries with 10,000 employees, and with 3,000 active Power BI RS consumers. And everyone is upset about these problems.


I have been solving this problem since the end of February, and I think it is a critical problem (in the case of large deployments). I entered the ticket in March, and the first reaction was that it was a "this is a design issue", with the ticket being archived and not addressed. After the escalation, they confirmed that it is a "bug", but the fix will be in the next version. I'm waiting, we're all waiting more than three months to fix a critical bug!


And this is not the only problem in PBIRS, but it is one critical issue.

I think MS's approach to enterprises is terrible (in the case of Power BI), it's not just about bugs, but also about missing features. While Cloud Power BI has tons of new features every month. On-prem Power BI RS released once every 4 months does not bring any new essential features. The on-prem Power BI RS lacks many key features for enterprises, compared to the Power BI cloud, but also compared to competing solutions.


I know that 1000 individual Power BI cloud users are more important (and more publicly visible) than one company with 10,000 users. But that's no reason to ignore the enterprise segment.

I understand the "Cloud-first" strategy, but currently it's more like "Cloud only, forget on-premises".


Also, Gartner, in their latest Magic quadrant for BI platforms, criticizes Microsoft for "... Microsoft's on-premises offering lacks significant functional capabilities ..."


What do you think about it?

Hello, @josef78 !


I'm also a PBI global admin and I'm facing some slow environment performance.

Could you please share with me your Workloads Tenant configuration?

I'm trying to find a way to improve my PBI environment.


Thanks in advance.

Hello, yesterday I got information from the support team that "due to some other reasons not released yet, and it will release in a couple of days", but in a few hours the PBIRS May 2022 was releassed...


Change log is not updated yet, I hope this problem is solved. I'm going to install and try it.

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Have you tested the new release yet? 

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I've installed May 2022 Upgrade on my production environment. After two days it looks like problem has been resolved. Moreover it seems that there is some improvement in common performance of portal.

Our Power BI Admin installed the new release in our Test environment  yesterday and we have some power users testing for us.  So far so good. Thanks.

We migrated to Prod last Wed 6/1 and the problem seems to be solved.

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Yes, I tested on small test enviroment, with simulated load. This problem seems to be solved.

Well, I rollout May version to production enviroment... I will see next week with real usage...

After some months of real usage, I can confirm, this issue is fixed. Issues and also performance of may22 realease is much much better than jan22. Performance is on same level as in sep21 version.

Yes, that's right. Specifically about unsupported features. I think it's deliberate approach because some not implemented features are even simpler to make working for on-premise than for cloud.

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My understanding is that Microsoft was hoping to get the fix into the May 2022 release but it could be tight. It was supposed to come out today (5/24/22), but our Power BI admin said it did not come out afterall. Hopefully it will soon.

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Guys, how are you? Any update on this problem, the May 2022 version comes out today, I migrated the company's servers yesterday to the January 2022 version and started to have this same problem...

We still have the same problem and waiting for the May 2022 release. No news from Microsoft yet regarding the new release.

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We are having the same problem, having to restart the service almost hourly. Multiple user tickets filed daily since the upgrade. We have some frustrated users and 1500-2000 reports. Microsoft please fix!

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Memorable Member

Last Update from MS ticket:

I have information from MS Support, this issue is forwarded to the Product Group team, and they have already identified this issue and confirmed it is a bug in this version and they are working on it to fix this in next version.


The PBI product team has fixed this issue and currently working on porting the fix to the May 2022 test build. Depending on how long that takes, it may be too close to the May 2022 release (current ETA is May 24).

I hope that this issue will be definitively resolved in May 2022 release.

Guys, how are you?
Any update on this problem, the May 2022 version comes out today, I migrated the company's servers yesterday to the January 2022 version and started to have this same problem...

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Hello Josef, any answer form MS? We have the same problem too. We can make a call (in CZ) if you want 🙂

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Memorable Member

Hello, sorry for delay (lot of work).

Yes, we can make a call, if you want, please send me private message.

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