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PBI Report Server security to SSAS-T model


I have this scenario:

1. SSAS-Tabular model in a server.

2. Power BI report created with Power BI Desktop (March 2018) with Connect Live to the tabular model.

3. A local Power BI Report Server.


I would like the users of the report to use their credentials to visualize it through the Report Server (because I define roles in the cube).

I go to Manage-> DataSource and I try this different options:

  1. If I select "Windows Authentication" and "As the user viewing the report", doesn't work: Data source AnalysisServices is not supported.
  2. If I select "Use the next credentials" and check "Log in using these credentials, but then try to impersonate the user viewing the report", doesn't work: The 'DOMAIN\user' value of the 'EffectiveUserName' XML for Analysis property is not valid.
  3. If I select "Use the next credentials" works fine.


With the option 1, I can see this error on the visualization:

"To connect as the user who is viewing the report, the organization must have Kerberos limited delegation configured."


How should the datasource be configured for the user to pass their credentials so that the roles can be applied?




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