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Advocate IV

June 2018 Release of Power BI Report Server?

Our team's migration project to PBIRS has been delayed a few months, but I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be able to move forward in June. Now that we're closing in on June, and I believe the original idea was quarterly releases for Report Server...does anyone know if we can plan on seeing a new release in the next few weeks? Thanks!


The plan is to do three releases a year, and we're shooting to keep that consistent, so we're expecting to see the next release of the server come in July as mentioned, though it might slip into early August because of the all the work we're doing to land the initial preview of RDL reports in Power BI Premium (as was pointed out on Twitter today by some eagle-eyed users viewing the Dynamics 365 release docs).

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Where can the August Power BI desktop for the report server be found? When I click the download button on the August server for the desktop it takes me to the March release. The help indicates that I am using the August release of the server.

This link is now updated, so the next time you go here you should be directed to the correct version.  Thanks for the heads-up!

We have the same issue- circle of dots just keep spinning. No errors in the logs, nothing....

The "Edit in Power BI Desktop"  button also has stopped working:


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Thanks @chrisfin, we really appreciate the new communications approach as well. Good work.

Most definitely! Please share our thanks to the team for hitting their target. 🙂 

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Excellent. Thanks Chris!!Smiley Very Happy

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You tease!


Some of us are drinking our cocoa and getting reayd for bed!

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Saw this in the comments for this article, by a MS employee:





Has this been confirmed?

Chris tweeted that the July desktop is due out this weekend to align with the data summit
What we should be asking is, will we see the July desktop release functionality in the next PBIRS release, targeted for early August? Chris?

We're looking at around August 15th as the release - mentioned this in my session today at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit today as well.



I'm just seeing this now, thank you.  Are you still planning on three releases a year, or even this year?  Knowing the 8/15 date helps immensely with our immediate planning, but knowing whether you're still committed to three releases, either by October (probably unlikely) or by end or year will help even more.

The plan is do three releases a year, yes, and we plan on having another release prior to the end of the year.   

Any feedback on the aug 15? And do we have a speculative date for the 3rd release?

Thanks Chris, can you tell us what is under the hood of this next release?

The August Desktop release is targetting the week of August 6th according to Amanda

Any chance the PBIRS release will include some of the August release functions?


Great glad to hear a new version is not far off.


I can start thinking about updating some of my documents to use some of the great new features added since March,


Hopefully the coditional formatting improvements and new header stuff from the July issue is included as I think the headers can make a beautiful document look a big wierd.


I was slightly disapointed when this doc suggested Nov for a target date.


Just found your bizApp session @chrisfin it was very informative.  Answered all my questions and I'm sure most for other users.

Especially around the release process.


Took a while to find as there was nothing anounced on the powerbi blog or twitter feeds I look at.

All the other record sessions are here. Looks like there are 140 videos in total 35 related to powerbi.


 Edit: Just noticed it was on Chris's twitter. 

Very nice, thanks stretcharm, that'll actually help clarify a few things around here today. 🙂

Right on, thanks for the update Chris! Knowing that will definitely help with our planning for the next 2 months.

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Hi all!


This page shows the support timeline to PBIRS so far. What a pitty RS will be available quite later than the desktop version 😕




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I would expect the next version to drop the end of July at the earliest. With the last one being towards the end of March. The cycle and support timeline is pointing towards a late July / Early August.

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