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Internet explorer 11 loading reports extremly slow

Hello all


I have encountered a very strange problem, that i can´t figure out how to solve. 


When we try to open a report on our PBIRS with internet explorer 11 its loading really slow (around 60 sek). When opening in any other browser, it opens in 5 sek. It gets stucked on the loading data screen. This only happens the first time a user loads the report, after that it works fine. It also works fine, when we load it from IE11 from Citrix. 

Since my users all are using IE11 as standard browser (not from citrix), i can´t change the browser. 


I have read around on the forum, and have tried the following, without luck:


We have tried to chance document mode to edge. 
We have tried to add and powerbi in "compatible view settings" and removing it. 


We have a PBIRS connected to a SASS cube. 


Any suggestions for help / fixed / work arounds would be very much appreciated. 



Kind Regards 


New Member

I'm having similar experiance. Our environment is PBIRS and SSAS(Tabular). In Chrome loads right-away, with IE11 experiance varies


for some it is taking upto 25 minutes and for some it is 30 seconds. Haven't tried Aug Preview.

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I just tested the August preview, and it does not seem to have a sicnificant improvement for us, sadly. 


We found out that running administrator tool "f12" in ie11 will improve the speed on loading a report from about 60 sec to about 10 sec. 

The same thing happens if we deactivate script error findings (internet explorer) from advanced settings. 


We can´t figure out why it have an effect, but it is a temporary fix until we find a real solution. 


We will keep looking 🙂 



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It seems that IE11 is using all CPU on the local machines - which is very weird.

Does not seem to matter which report i choose.

Anyone else experienced anything like it ?


Kind regards


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We had the same issue with the June release and found chrome much better at rendering but that is also not an option for us, we tried many thing without sucess, Installing the August preview has improved speed considerably.  The preview seems to be able to use more server resources.

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