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How to update Power BI desktop report with a dataset on a report server w/o connecting to original

Hi - brand new to Power BI Report Server. 


We recently installed a Power BI Report Server at my company.  I have a dataset on the report server which pulls data from an Oracle db that requires authentification.  We have the refresh set-up automatically and it is working fine.


When I created a report on my local pc using the report server dataset, every time I try and refresh, it tries to go back to the Oracle db to get fresh data.  I only want it to use the dataset on the report server.  We can't possibly give every user creating reports & dashboards access to the main Oracle db.  How can I set-up my file/report to only use the current version of the dataset on the report server?


Another stupid question while I'm here.  Can you create sub-folders in the workspaces on the report server?  I can't seem to figure out how.

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

To your question about sub-folders you can create folders/sub-folders in the portal however there is no concept of workspaces in Report Server so not sure what you trying to achieve.


As for the dataset question, first is this a Power BI Report DataSet or an RDL Report Dataset, it sounds like its a Power BI Dataset? If it is then just so I'm clear on the ask you want report authors to be able edit reports against a dataset that is published to the Report Server? If that's the case then this is not really a supported scenario, you can workaround it by creating an RDL Dataset that connects to your datasource using stored credentials and then author your Power BI Report to use the RDL Dataset OData feed. This will mean that every time a user refreshs the model in their report is will go against the datasource using the stored credentials.

Thanks for the response still getting used to the new Power BI Report Server terminology.


We connect to the dataset by selecting "connect to Power BI Service".  All I know is the dataset sits on the Power BI report server.  Does this make it a Power BI dataset - I'm not familiar with the terminology yet.  What we need to be able to do, is to build reports & dashboards based on this dataset, have the reports/dashboards sit on the Power BI Report Server, and NOT have opening the report/dashboard re-trigger a query to the Oracle source.  I would expect the reports/dashboards to ONLY update to the dataset on the report server (vs all the way back to the Oracle db).  Is this possible?

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