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Error while attempting to save report to Power BI Report Server (Jan 2023 version)

Hi Guys Need your help


We upgrade our Power BI Report Server and PBI Desktop RS to January 2023 but after the upgrade, we encounter this error 


here is our current version of the PBI Server


and this is our PBI Desktop version


we already tried all recommendations we found online but with no success



New Member


I got the same error when attampting to save the report which was created by desktop latest version 2.115.842(x64) to PBI report server (Jan 2023 version). I assume it's about confict on the versions.

I tied to open it in desktop RS version and edit/save it. Then upload to report server again, while it didn't work, same error. How can I downgrade the report and upload it to server? Appreciate any idea or solutions. 

@VJ1217_SH wrote:

How can I downgrade the report and upload it to server? Appreciate any idea or solutions. 

You can try the techniques in this blog post Power BI Report Server – fixing “Can’t upload this report” – Random Procrastination (

Super User
Super User

You should check the log files which are stored in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Report Server\PBIRS\LogFiles by default. I normally check the ReportingServicesService* and RSPowerBI* and RSPortal* logs first

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I have the similar problem as well. Wonder there is some security settings need to be changed. It even fails to upload the report through PowerBI Report Server with below error. Wow Welcome to PowerBI world of problems with no solution.




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