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Advocate I
Advocate I

Compatability issues Reporting Server August vs November 2018 Update


I have written a 45 page PBI desktop report.

I started the work in the "normal" October desktop version and it was compatible with August 2018 Desktop reporting Server version and we uploaded it onto the client site, all good.

Went back to do some tidying up additional pages but I did that in November 2018 "Normal" Desktop version.

Now the August 2018 for reporting server won't even open the Desktop file and hence I can't uplod it,


I have the option to go back and repeat the tidying up in the August file (About a Day's work) or find a way to make them compatible.

I have tried deleting all the additional visualisations (in case of version number)

I have tried saving the template file and the August 2018 Desktop for Reporting Server wont open that

I have tried turning off all the preview features in the Nov version, saving, rebooting- Nope


Any more options?

Do they publish a list of compatibility issues anywhere?

Does anyone know what specifically causes the compatability issues between the two and is there an easy fix?

Is there anything else I can turn off/change in the Nov version to make it compatible with the Aug version

Is there any part of the PBIX file Zip file that covers measures and page layout that I can swap out between the files ?


Self inflicted pain but thoughts welcome.

Of course if they were just compatible it would make life easy for those of us who try to use it.


There is no supported way to go backwards with the version once you ahve gone forward. If you can wait a month or month and a half, there should be a new release of PBIRS in January that will support that version of the desktop.

Thanks, I was looking for a hack or something to port the visuals list/page layout and I can dea with the rest. It is imensely frustrating that it doesn't even tell you why they are incompatible just that it won't open it. From a build persepctive my "old" version and "new" version have no material diffeence interms of visuals used, relationships, data etc it's just the formatting that I tidied up. I now have to repeat that work. That is very unhelpful. Just becuse it is a hard, self inflicted lesson doesn't mean it is an acceptable one to have to go through.

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