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Data Activator not reading new data points or sending alerts



i have a reflex that monitors a line chart on my report. 

I created it like this:



it pulls in the correct data and i can recieve a test alert.

however whenever there is new data in the line chart when it is updated via schedueled refresh, the new datapoint does not come into the reflex and obviously, no alert is sent.


what am i doing wrong to get the data to stream real time and to send alerts when the change occurs? 

im reading in from a csv file on my local machine.

thank you


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi @knowlec . There are two 'refreshes' happening here - first, the Power BI dataset is being refreshed with your new data in the CSV. Second, the reflex is running a query to pull data from PBI. The reflex will poll every hour so it can take some time before you see the data show up in Data Activator. 


If that doesn't clarify, can you also post a screenshot of your Power BI report? That would help us understand what you're seeing. 


thank you!

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thanks @WillT . 

youre correct in that after an hour or so, there are the new datapoints in the reflex query, however im not getting the alerts for these. 


snip of the report:



the datapoints on the right are the ones that we're reloaded post reflex set up, but were neveer alerted.


i also noticed for some reason in the data tab in the reflex that there is a new column generated with the datapoints for some reason...




bascially im not getting the alerts but the test alerts work.

are the alerts only working for real-time streaming? 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @knowlec ,


 To ensure real-time data updates and alerts, the data source needs to support real-time streaming. Since you mentioned using a CSV file on your local machine, this setup inherently lacks real-time data streaming capabilities. For real-time functionality, consider using a streaming data source. 

If you rely on scheduled refreshes, the data isn't truly real-time. Scheduled refreshes update data at predefined intervals, not instantly as new data arrives. This might explain why new data points aren't triggering alerts immediately.

As a test, try setting up a simple real-time streaming dataset in Power BI and connect it to a reflex in Data Activator. This can help verify if the issue lies with the data source or the reflex configuration.

For more details, please refer: Get data for Data Activator from Real-Time Hub - Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn


Best Regards,

Neeko Tang

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