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alternative to merge to retrieve description fields

In M 
I have a fact query with many keys in. Lets Call it "Fact". I have several querys that have the matching description

LKUP_Product which consists of [ProductID], [ProductName],[Product Colur]
LKUP_Customer which consists of [CustomerD], [CustomerName]


I do not want to Merge the lookups. Is there a way of using
list.Buffer to get a list of ProductID, ProductName
Then a way to compare Fact.ProductID to List of Products to get the ProductName


I am sure I have seen this before but cant find my notes or the example again


Many thanks

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Think I will try the solution from @AlienSx  . This is kind of what I am looking for,. My users are a little crazy and we may need to have these links across multiple tables. I like to keep the data model as simple as possible. That way there is less chance of another Dev making a mess or the user selecting unrelated items (this happened yesterday and it is hard to explain to the user why there is an issue) 
Thanks both


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Super User

If you're going to be loading these tables to a data model, you can just use a one to many relationship and link them that way. Otherwise I would add a custom column using each Table.FindText.



I’m usually answering from my phone, which means the results are visualized only in my mind. You’ll need to use my answer to know that it works—but it will work!!
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Memorable Member

Hi, @ells69 

1. Create a record of products as p_rec = Record.FromList(LKUP_Product[ProductName], LKUP_Product[ProductID])

2. add new column to Fact (or transform existing) Table.AddColumn(Fact, "ProductName", each Record.FieldOrDefault(p_rec, [ProductID], "none"))

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