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Veera Halikal


I am Veera from India, working as data analyst in startup. Need a help to Build Power BI reports for new project. At present I have scenario where User is expecting Bubble plot graph in finance industry, where user want to see X-Axis as Date hierarchies like Year, Quarter-Year wise different Spread-Bps data distributed along with Loan amount size.
Am able to draw the graph as per his requirement, but my X axis of the graph is Date hierarchy is working fine for Year and Days, but when to it goes Quarter, Month and Quarter Year it is not coming in sorted order.

Please suggest how to resolve this String type date values should come in order, as I have created Date Dimension with all Month Number, Quarter number, Quarter-Year numbers also created and sorted according to these Numbers, still my chart is not sorted order for this Bubble chart.

Please help me to sort this graph for Date where User want to see final report as
X axis : Date Hierarchies for each Year and Quarter-Year like Q1 2001, Q2 2001, Q3 2001, Q4 2001,
Y- Axis as = Avg Spread like 0, 25, 50, 100, 125,
Size = Loan amount for each loan IDs,
Legends = Spread-Bps (for this numerical column values created sample lookup table and segregated each SpreadBPS numrics into one Spread_name bucket and used even though graph is not sorted for quarter-Year level).

Any help would greatly appreciated to Microsoft to get this project to work in USA fiancé industry...Please waiting for your quick Suggestion or solution for this issue.

Thanks in Advance to MS team.

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Hi Manuel, Cleint is expecting the sorted order of Dates in X axis for Quarter Year, which is not happening. If you observe in your Bubble chart X axis  Quarter Years are not in not sorted order. Please client is expecting this Bubble chart X-Axis Quarter Dates should be in Sorted order as as like : Q1 2012, Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2012, Q1 2012...And so on...Please suggest on this Manual.Sortingof_XaxisDates_IsIssue.jpgSortingof_XaxisDates_IsIssue.jpg

Hello @VeeraHalikal,


i'm sorry, but I haven't been able to solve your problem yet. I tried using a few tricks but I can't achieve your desired result.


@v-xinruzhu-msft can you take a look at the problem?


Best regards from Germany
Manuel Bolz

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Hi @v-xinruzhu-msft,

If you provide a solution for this Bubble chart Quarter Year Date Issue at X axis is not in sort order would be great help to get this new project.

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Final customer expectation from this Bubble graphFinal customer expectation from this Bubble graphSure I will share you sample data to create the graph. 


Main Table Csv file has:

  Y-AxisLegendX - AxisX-AxisSize
FactIdDoc IdSpreadBpsBpsNameLoan Start DateQuarterYearLoanStartDate Loan Amount 
12993225p12/9/2012Q1 2012325000
22993275p32/9/2012Q1 201225000
32992350p62/1/2013Q1 201323000
42992400p82/1/2013Q1 201343072
53050325p52/1/2013Q1 201383500
63081250p21/16/2014Q1 20148000
73176275p33/6/2014Q1 201415000
82898562p101/29/2016Q1 2016210900
92898562p101/29/2016Q1 201653553
103089525p92/11/2016Q1 20161275000


For this I joined Date Dimension table to get Date Hierarchies as Year, Quarter and Month also Quarter_Year as extra Field as above mentioned along with date field Q1 2001 like data.


Please use this above sample data for creating Bubble plot graph and verify

and confirm me about the Power BI limitation to use in Bubble chart as date fields in X axis.


Snap shot of Graph sample:


 This is how customer expecting final graph when I drill down to Quarter year Level, my graph is working fine for Year and Days...but not for Monht, Quarter and Quarter-Year combinations.

Please suggest solution to build tis graph and would great help to convince customer to use PBI tool instead of other reporting tool.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hello @VeeraHalikal,

Could you please provide the community with the following:

  • a few sample data (5-10 Rows)
  • or a screenshot of your data
  • or the Power Query M code

This means we can help you in a more targeted manner and you can integrate our solution into your existing system more quickly.

Best regards from Germany
Manuel Bolz

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I shared my requirement details, please go through and try to build and verify the graph, it only works at Year level but not sorted the x Axis at quarter year level. Waiting for your valuable suggestion to crack this issue.  BubbleChart_XAxis_NotSorted_QuarterYearIssue.jpg 

Hello @VeeraHalikal,

If my post helped you, please give me a 👍kudos and mark this post with Accept as Solution.

In this case, I would recommend developing a date hierarchy with the following categories:

  • Year
  • QuarterYearLoanStartDate
  • Month
  • Loan start date

In my opinion, this gives you much more flexibility. Would you need help with this approach?



Best regards from Germany
Manuel Bolz

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