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Only show new cells or changes made in cells after update

Hello Community, 

I have a dashboard that looks like below:


ANew Reshaped End   
B New Reshaped  End 
CNew   Reshaped  End
D New   Reshaped  
E    NewReshaped  

Each months,  the dataset is updated and values changed, or values are added or new brands are added in the Brand column. 

The problem: Each months, I need a solution that will show only new cells or cells that have changed in a separate dashboard. 


For exemple, next month, the dashboard will look like below ( The new values or values that have changed compared to the previous dashboard are in red color)


ANew Reshaped End   
B New Reshaped  Reshaped 
CNew   Reshaped  Reshaped
D New   ReshapedEnd 
E    NewReshaped End


The solution should therefore looks like below: 

C Reshaped
E End



- Is there a way to build this solution without having to make an extraction each month and compare these two extractions?

- if not, what would be the function to compare 2 datasets or 2 dashboard and only return what has changed/new?


NB: The source file looks like the dashboard, as a pivot table. The excel file has been pivoted in the backend of my Power BI. 


Thanks for the help

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Thanks @some_bih I actually found a way to do it now : merge two tables, add conditional column based on the values form the two tables and filter the conditional column when values are different. 

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Memorable Member

Hi @cris007 one of the alternatives is to create dynamic filter based on range.

Check links for example and details. I hope this help. 

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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