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Dynamic filename in folder and 30000 row limit


I got a query that connects to the “newest” *.xlsx file in a folder, that is automatically created every night.
Its easy to filter out the latest file due to the naming. “Excel2023050506 00 36.xlsx” *(yyyymmddhh mm ss).


This has worked fine, until the file contained more than 30 000 rows that seems to be the limit, despite its an excel file…


Note: If I connect a query to the latest file directly, it works fine, but not when using this dynamic way.

I’m quite new to power query and searching for an answer 🙂

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @tomand05 ,

I created a test folder with 30,000+ excel files and my steps are as follows for your reference.



Get data --> folder --> transform data --> select Name column and right-click --> Sort Descending


Keep the first row;




Power bi Desktop [Version: 2.116.622.0 64-bit (April 2023)


Best Regards,

Community Support Team


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It’s not 30 000 files... It’s more than 30 000 rows of data in the excel file .

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @tomand05 ,

How does your query look like? Could you share it?

Do you get an error for that particular file, if so which one?


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J. Payeras
Mallorca, Spain

I hoop this is the correct parts of the query 



Exempelfil meta [IsParameterQuery=true, BinaryIdentifier=Exempelfil, Type="Binary", IsParameterQueryRequired=true]

    Källa = Folder.Files("\\aaa\bbb\ccc\ddd\AXIntegration\CSandWHD\Reports"),
    #"Filtrerade rader" = Table.SelectRows(Källa, each not Text.StartsWith([Name], "~")),
    #"Sorterade rader" = Table.Sort(#"Filtrerade rader",{{"Name", Order.Descending}}),
    #"Behåll första rader" = Table.FirstN(#"Sorterade rader",1),
    Navigering1 = #"Behåll första rader"{0}[Content]

    Källa = (Parameter1 as binary) => let
        Källa = Excel.Workbook(Parameter1, null, true),
        #"Ax Data_Sheet" = Källa{[Item="Ax Data",Kind="Sheet"]}[Data],
        #"Upphöjda rubriker" = Table.PromoteHeaders(#"Ax Data_Sheet", [PromoteAllScalars=true]),
        #"Ändrad typ" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Upphöjda rubriker",{{"ItemId", Int64.Type}, {"Deleted part", type text}})
        #"Ändrad typ"




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