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Impactful Individual

Power BI report with integrated Power App using OneDrive - not enough lines

Hi all,

I recently discovered the whole Power Apps thing and I need some advice, please.

Goal: enable users to change a Power BI report (a table within a page) directly in the said report. Then, after the refresh, the report will display the new values AND update the measures.

E.g. a report line will include 'Invoice ID' and 'Invoice Value'. The user will update the 'Invoice Value' from, say, 500 to 700, and the new total displayed will be 700.

What I have: a 365 license. This means I can create an app and use a OneDrive table,

Problem: it can only include 1,000 lines, and I need at least 60,000.

What I tried: I thought about creating tables in the Dataverse, but this license does not allow it, and I can't get admin rights for the entire company database.

Then I thought about creating a new testing environment to share with these users (like 20 people),

New problem: that's also not included with my license.

Question: if I get a better license (per user? what's the name?) can I create this environment and share the app within with these 20 people who still have 365 licenses? This is the only solution I came up with... Of course, if you guys have another one, I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance,



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