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Issue when changing sharepoint list column headers / reading description fields from columns in SPO

Hi guys, 


I looked everywhere but diddn't find an answer so here goes: 

for our "measure" glossary we use a sharepoint list (SPOL) (so every user has quick acces to is). 
We where planning on connecting each PBIreport to this SPOL so that we allso show this data on every first sheet of the report (as a reminder/catalog). 

So far so good, we stored this connecting in a PBI template to use for every new report. But when we adjust the SPOL (add new column or change a column name) this connection fails. 


Our question: 

1) can SPOL handle "labels" for column headers so that we only change the label of the column header, but the PBI connection to the SPOL doesn't brake

2) in the SPOL there is a "description" field per column. How can PBI read this "description" field ? (because the normal SPOL connector doesn't show it (I only found some info regarding Power APPS to use this "description" field) . 


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