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What options are there to schedule an export or save of a PowerBI report?

What option are there to schedule an automated export or save of a PowerBI report (something other than PDF format)?


It may be helpful to understand why we ask this.  Here are the details (and maybe you can suggest another way to accomplish what we want):


1) We will be using AirTame TV’s throughout our building to display content.  We would like to make Power BI reports available on these TVs. 
2) But AirTame only has access to public URLS. And we do NOT have reserved capacity for Power BI.  So our existing Power BI report URLs aren’t accessible to the AirTame because they aren't public - a user has to authenticate through MS to use the PowerBI URL and AirTame won't allow it.
3) AirTame can't display a PDF, but AirTame CAN display a PowerPoint File.  We have successfully manually exported a PowerBI report to a PowerPoint file and have displayed it on an AirTame TV.
4) But we want the reports refreshed/exported daily.  So the next step is to see if we can automate a daily export of the report to PowerPoint.
5) In PowerAutomate there’s a PowerBI function called “Export to File for Power BI Reports.”  From the documentation here, it states the prerequisite that “…the workspace must be backed by a reserved capacity.”  We don't have a reserved capacity for Power BI.


So is there some other way that we can get the images from a PowerBI report to be exported or saved daily in some other way or some other format to acomplish this?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

The out-of-box Power BI email subscriptions contain a screenshot of the report. You might have do do something funky to get multiple pages, like maybe split the tabs into multiple reports, but they do capture a snapshot image.


You could also make a Power Automate Desktop flow - that will let you open hyperlinks, click buttons, and take screenshots on a schedule.

Christine, thank you so much for a reply.  Can you say more about this: "You could also make a Power Automate Desktop flow - that will let you open hyperlinks, click buttons, and take screenshots on a schedule."  I've only used the cloud flows before.  With the desktop flow, can the flow be scheduled to run on a particular date and time?  And does the flow only run on the particular computer where it was created?  Basically is desktop flow dependent upon a computer to be powered on and/or logged in? 

Yes, you can schedule desktop flows from the cloud. When you do that, it triggers additional licensing as an "unattended flow" (attended flows are virtually free, unattended has a cost but it's not exhorbitant).


Unattended flows can be run on a virtual machine so that your computer isn't incapacitated, but attended flows require you to be logged in and present. It's a neat tool, I am finding it to be more fun than the cloud product.


I would recommend trying out the recorder - it helps a lot to get things started, you just do what you need it to do and it records the actions. 

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