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Is there any sample ChatGPT Prompts list to refer for Power Platform system development & ML models?

1. Can power platform system be designed and developed using pre-made ChatGPT prompt lists step by step? If yes is there available sample Prompts list?
2.Are there sample Prompts  on how to create machine learning models  from power platform's data source? Where can I get them?
Thank you for the usual support. 
Regular Visitor

Noted and Sorry for the late confirmation. Many thanks for the usual support.

Frequent Visitor

There are some in the works!

You can take a look at the Power Bi Visual we are developing here. It essentially accopmplishes what you want. In the data source area of the visual it allows you to hook up the data sources you want OpenAI to have access to and then gives you a chatgpt like interface to talk about your data. We interact with OpenAI's API for a secure and confident visual. Let us know if you have any questions!

You can download it for free here:

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