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Cross Filtering Capabilities

I'm new to the Power App Tool & Community. I have a background of working with Power BI for a few years and am looking for an answer to a question i have regarding possible Power Apps functionality.

Main Question: Can Power Apps Cross Filter a gallery when selecting a Chart?

Context: I'm trying to understand if the functionality that exists in Power BI of selecting a particular value in a visual/chart which then cross filters other visuals to only display related data can be achieved in Power Apps as well. To those unfamiliar with Power BI this documentation page has a section titled "Cross-filter and cross-highlight visuals" that gives a written & visual example of what I'm referring too.

Present Understanding of possible Similar features:
1) I can create a selectable filter input in Power Apps which then filters related Power Apps Charts, Power Apps Galleries, and even a Power BI Tile.

2) I can embed a Power BI Report Page which will allow within the context of the Power BI Report Page alone to Cross Filter visuals.


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