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July 2020 Community Highlights

July was another exciting month in the Power BI Community. We started a new blog series by the Support Team, fixed several community issues, published a new support article, and more. I'm telling you; this blog is packed full of good stuff!


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Featured Community Members

With the previous Community Highlight post, we started to feature some of our most active and most helpful community members. If you saw our post, you might recognize some familiar faces below.

Top contributing non-Super Users

Top Users - non-SUs - July 2020.png



Our top 5 for outstanding non-Super User community members are very similar, but not quite the same as last month. 

@mahoneypat@harshnathani, and @lbendlin are still at the top of the leaderboard, but another Community Champion,

@camargos88, is now following them on spot number 4, with @ryan_mayu, last week’s number 4. On spot number 5. Great job, everyone! As you can see, the leaderboard can change each month. If you’ve been doing an amazing job providing solutions, you might make it on here next time.

Top contributing Super Users

Let’s see how the stars of our community, the Super Users, did, in comparison:

Top Users - SUs - July 2020.png


Our top three are still the same. @amitchandak@parry2k, and @az38 are in the top 3, but @Greg_Deckler and @edhans are now part of our top 5 Super Users for the month, as well. Congratulations!

Have any of these community members helped you solve a problem? If so, leave them a thank you message or congrats below.


Questions About the Spanish Forum and Auto-Translated Posts

We’ve been seeing some questions about the way auto-syndication into the Spanish forum works in the Power BI Community. If you are not familiar with the Spanish forum and translated posts, here’s how they work:

Since May 2020, all post from the English Desktop forum have been "copied" to the Spanish forum, translated from English into Spanish. This allows Spanish speakers who are not fluent in English to follow the conversation. Your original posts are still available in English, in addition to their Spanish copies. You can ignore any notifications about Spanish versions of your posts.

You will see both the English and the Spanish version of your posts when navigating to your profile. If you click on the link to the English version of your post, you should be taken to the English version in the community.

Every post and reply that you make in the English Desktop forum is going to be automatically translated into Spanish. There is no option to disable this at this time, as the auto-translation is separate from your language settings for the community.

Read this blog for more information:


New Support Article: 'How to Become a Power BI Partner'

Did you ever wonder how you could become a Power BI partner? Then we have just the right article to help you. Check out our new support post on becoming a Power BI partner:


Super Users of the Quarter - Q2 2020

As we’ve reached the end of the second quarter of 2020, it’s time to highlight the new Super Users of the quarter. Take a look at some of our community stars in this post:


August 2020 Community Challenge: Can You Solve These?

Want to get the chance to win a cool T-shirt? Read our post to find out how you can participate in our ‘Can You Solve These?’ challenge for August.


Thank You for 5 Years

July 23rd marked the 5-year anniversary for Power BI. Can you believe it’s been this long since PBI was “born”? How time flies! As a thank you for those of us who have been with us since the beginning and anyone else who wanted to join in the birthday celebrations, Microsoft hosted a live event and T-shirt giveaway.

Read all about it in the blog post, and watch the recording straight from the blog:


Blog Series: Insights from Support

The Support Team is always eager to help answer your questions. They have been kind enough to share some of their knowledge in a blog series that started in July. They’ve already posted 9 blogs, so far, and they just keep them coming. For a full list of blogs by the Support Team, filter for the label ‘Support Insights’:


Post Highlight: Archive Power BI Reports with Power Automate

As you know, we are all about finding ways to connect the Power Platform communities and encouraging you to discover how the different products can be used “Better Together”. We were therefore excited when we found out that Super User mwegener had created an awesome post about how to use Power Automate to archive Power BI reports. Check it out:


Issue Resolved: Blurry Gallery Thumbnails

We have fixed an issue with recent thumbnails in the Galleries showing as blurry. All thumbnails now look nice and crisp again.

Blurry Before and After.png



Issue Resolved: Users Unable to Upload R Files to the R Script Showcase and JSON files to the Themes Gallery

We have resolved an issue that prevented community members from uploading R files to the R Script Showcase and JSON files to the Themes Gallery. You can now upload your files to those Galleries again. Happy showcasing!



Community Blogs

Read up on the blogs written by our community members in the Community Blog:

[Power BI and Power Automate] Send a Power BI Alert Notification to Contacts by ibarrau

Translation Life Cycle Management by DidierTerrien

Unique Business Insights You Can Discover When Using Power BI Effectively by EnterpriseDNA

It's the weekend! Or is it? by lbendlin

Power BI Challenge - HR Data Analysis by EnterpriseDNA

Power BI Export Limitations: Part 3 & 4 by aandi

Iteration in DAX by DavisBI

Incremental Refresh with Slow-Changing Source Data by lbendlin

E Excel to DAX Translation by Greg_Deckler

Power BI Challenge 3 - Wrap Up! by EnterpriseDNA

Power BI Tips and Tricks: Reversing the Y-Axis in a Line Chart Visual? by PaulDBrown

Unique Analysis Around Your Customers That Can Be Completed In Power BI by EnterpriseDNA

ETL Through Multiple Pages of a Website in Power BI by  spg_vizcube

Finding and Showcasing Patterns in Your Data Using Advanced Power BI & DAX Techniques by EnterpriseDNA

CALCUHATE - Why I Don't Use DAX's CALCULATE Function by Greg_Deckler

Display Label Only on the Last Data Point of the Line Visual for a Trend by amitchandak

To **bleep** With Time Intelligence by Greg_Deckler

Regional Language Customization in Tables or Slicers by amitchandak




Interested in blogging in the Power BI Community yourself? Reach out to us by clicking on the 'Message Admins' button to the right of our Community Blog page.

Message Admins Blog.PNG


Community Champion
Community Champion

 @mahoneypat , @harshnathani , @lbendlin , @camargos88 , and @ryan_mayu


Congratulations Team!! really enjoy reading your solutions, I have learned a lot from you and all the other teammates!  

Super User
Super User

This list is pure gold:


I've seen some fantastic solutions from @mahoneypat , @harshnathani , @lbendlin , @camargos88 , and @ryan_mayu and learned from all of them in the last few months. So much creativity on this board. 👍


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