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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Exclusive LIVE Community Event #3 – Ask Arun Anything - Recording Now Available!

If you’ve been a member of our community for a while, you know that we hosted our first two Triple A events late last year, one with former Senior Program Manager Amanda Cofsky and a second one with Technical Fellow Amir Netz.  

The wait is finally over, and we are now inviting you to join us in our third event in the series and the very first one in the new year: Ask Arun Anything!

In this live event, you’ll get the unique opportunity to ask Arun Ulagaratchagan, GM Intelligence Platform, Power BI questions that have been on your mind.





Join us on February 25th, 2020 at 9 AM Pacific Time to learn about the latest updates, features and the future of Power BI!
Just like our other two Triple A events, space is limited. Reserve your spot now by kudoing this post. Reservations will be prioritized on when you kudoed the post - so don’t wait. The link for the event will be sent out on February 24th, to those who qualify.

Kudo this post to reserve your spot!
Kudos will be frozen on February 21st at 3 PM Pacific Time.

Invitations will be sent on February 24th to those that qualify.


Bring your questions! We’re looking forward to seeing you.


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Frequent Visitor

Thanks for the invitation email. I learnt many interesting things and feature having been invited to the previous AAA with Amir Netz, it has been such an interesting meeting with live Q/A. I hope we can make the point again and suggest some ideas.

Actually I'm following some ideas, submitted on the PBI forums, expecially for PBI Desktop, and I'm interested about treating negative values in some visualization that actually won't (pie chart / donut charts and maps) while in Excel they do; and also about a more elastic future enhanced version of matrix objects, to get it more near to a pivot table-like object. Any news about when these features can be submitted / implemented or next release that involve this?


Thanks so much

Best regards


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Since Microsoft wants feedback on ideas for improving the Power BI platform, why does it resist pleas to clean up the IDEAS.POWERBI.COM site to make it more useful for Microsoft to gain actionable insights through suggestions such as the below?


Merge ideas on ideas forum

I find the idea forum is loaded with duplicates of ideas where votes and comments are split between multiple threads.
It would be useful if the community could propose a merger with other ideas on the forum (with the link) and then admins could merge the ideas and remove the duplicates.

I think this would make it easier for Microsoft to gain a clearer idea of what users want. And for users would help their ideas to gain a common thread of conversation, plus gain a stronger voice for the ideas they want.


Power BI Ideas Search Filtering

As more ideas are submitted, searching to ensure your idea does not already exist becomes more challenging. Enhance the "How can we improve Power BI?" search to adhere to browser standards whereby Strings in Quotes "Query Editor" eliminates all results that have only "Editor" for example, and adding +[Keyword] or -[Keyword] only returns results that include that Keyword. Include a link on these search hints explaining "how to better search".


Fix Power BI Ideas site!!!

The Power BI Ideas site is useless until you don't add a basic feature of sorting of ideas by number of votes and creation date! First take care about the tool we can use to prodive you our feedback, and then perhaps you will hear the real voice of Power BI community. And I guarantee, you will be able to work on the new features with twice that pace (after you get rid of duplicated ideas).

Helper II
Helper II

Where can I download a copy of the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms? On your post you state

The Gartner document is available upon request from Microsoft.  but dont provide any link to make such a request

Hi @UAV-Test-Pilot - the report is available here via filling out the form.


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Proud to be a Super User!

My course: Introduction to Developing Power BI Visuals

On how to ask a technical question, if you really want an answer (courtesy of SQLBI)

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My burning question is, when can we open the Get data option when connected to Live Connection??? This is causing lot of pain and unhappiness amongst user community. Atleast indicate whether this is doable or not so that we can think about alternative architectural approaches.

Advocate I
Advocate I


When can we expect

a) A Common Mashup engines across platforms (Excel, PBI Desktop, DataFlows)

b) A Common Vertipaq engine across platforms

c) A Function in Power Query to have return the UserName (in Desktop ) and UserEmail in Service or ability to use the USERNAME and USERPRINCIPAL name in a Calculated Column 

d) PQ to have a built in connector to Files stored on OneDrive Personal (without resorting to URL hacks)

e) PQ to be able to connect to a Password protected Access Database

f) PQ to be able to connect the a Union Query created in Access DB

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