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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Exclusive LIVE Community Event #2 – Ask Amir Anything - Recording Now Available!

Great news: After hosting our popular product sneak peek event with Senior Program Manager Amanda Cofsky, we are announcing details for the next exclusive event in our Triple A series, Ask Amir Anything! This time, Technical Fellow Amir Netz is going to answer some of your most burning Power BI questions. 


Amir Netz.jpg



Join us on November 20th, 2019 at 12 PM Pacific Time to learn about the latest updates, features and the future of Power BI! 


Just like our Ask Amanda Anything event, space is limited. Reserve your spot now by kudoing this post.  Reservations will be prioritized on when you kudoed the post - so don’t wait.  The link for the event will be sent out to those who qualify on Nov 18th. 


Kudo this post to reserve your spot! 

Kudos will be frozen on November 18th at 9 AM Pacific Time.


Stay tuned for the next event in the series: Ask Arun Anything. 



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good morning
I have a google sheet file published in private mode, the problem is that to access it I need the company's mail. When I try to connect to that file by power bi, it doesn't work.

What can I do?

@Anonymous For support questions, please post in Get Help with Power BI:

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

You can now find a recording of the event linked at the bottom of the announcement post.

Regular Visitor


Where can be find the transcripts of the AMA



@sgbhide We did not publicly provide any transcripts for this Triple A event. Whenever we have something to share with the community, we make sure to let you know in the News & Announcements section and/or the carousel.

Regular Visitor

Hi - unfortunatly I missed the event last night as when I tried to join from my phone I only then realised I needed the Teams App installed - and Apps are resticted by policy to one in our intune Company Portal and Teams isn't on there yet :(.  By any chance was the event recorded?  thanks

Hi @stukayuk, the link you were given for the event will still work.  I'm in Australia so the 2am webinars are hard to watch live 😴

Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

Hi @AmirNetz 


Is this on the roadmap?


Disable or prevent Teams from autocreating App Workspace 







Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

The registration period has ended. Kudos have been frozen to select attendees.

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I just missed this webinar session and was looking forward to it! I register throughout the meetup site but apparently I need to as well come in here and give a like to this post, I didn't notice on this or neither received a notification about it, please help us on future webinars on how to actually register on this type of important sessions, pretty sure lots of people are on my situation as well.. Thanks, @JCM_iTalent  @HansKristiansen 

@Anonymous Sorry to hear that you missed the event. Please always make sure to read the instructions on our official posts carefully. We appreciate the Meetup event, but it was not created by us. Official announcements with all information can generally be found in the News & Announcements section of the community. In this case, as outlined in the announcement, you had to leave a Kudo to get a chance to be invited.

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Advocate V
Advocate V

I'm interested. I also wasn't able to submit questions for Amanda. Seems like the Q&A box never changed to input mode for some of us.

New Member

Kudos, can't wait!

Not applicable

Hey - This is a great event. I am new to Power BI. I have the following question for Amir.

- Have you considered extending conditional formatting to the total column and row in a Matrix? Extending conditional formatting to total column and row will be very helpful for business analysts like me.


Frequent Visitor

I would be very interested to learn whether there are intentions to develop the integration with Python further, to enable interactive visuals?

Frequent Visitor

Hi Amir! I was looking for such a possibility to interact.


I would ask:


PBI Desktop --> Matrix visual --> possible sorting both for columns and rows when using multiple dimensions, as in a pivot table?


PBI Desktop --> Pie Chart visual --> Will ever be developed an official custom visual treating negative values with absolute area shown as an option?


PBI Desktop --> Interface: I attach


PBI Desktop - Interface improvement proposal - Luigi Russoa figure explaining an issue due to my actual desktop resolution(*) and a proposal to improve it: I have too few space in the custom visual properties editor, as shown. Please would it be possible to resize the custom visual palette areas or detach those elements apart to enlarge the properties editor and make more properties visible?


(*) My workstation: Dell Latitude 7490, set @ 1920x1080, and with "Scale and layout" at 150% (default company recommended setting).


Many Thanks for all your efforts!

Best regards


Frequent Visitor

Heads-up of the question I would be looking forward in case I get the chance to attend this event: 

I have few developers who do not have access to Service.  Service access is only granted to business users and few SPOCs from IT team.  Developers update the PBIX file and place it in a shared folder.  There is a need to auto-publish this PBIX file to Power BI Service in shared workspace.

Power BI gateway will not work in this scenario as strucutre of the report can also change.  Is there any way to publish the PBIX file without manually opening the file and clicking on "Publish"?

Another scenario - if there is no change in structure.  


Is it possible to automate auto-refresh of PBIX file and then Publish to workspace. <Again without need of Power BI gateway>

Helper IV
Helper IV


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