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Benefits of Joining the Community


Welcome to the Power BI Community! Are you a new community member? Are you considering registering for an account? No matter why you're here, below is some useful information on how to get started and why you should join us!



Why you should join

First off, thanks for taking a look around! As you'll soon discover, the Power BI Community is a great place to be. After you sign up for a user account, you'll be able to get assistance from peers and the Customer Support Team, network, provide feedback, participate in community events, and more.


New User Registration

To register as a new user, click Register at the top right of the page.


PBI Registration.jpg


To complete registration, enter a unique user name, password, and valid AAD email address. You can also register with your Microsoft account, or,,,, etc.  For additional assistance on registering for a community account, check out How to Register for a Community Account support article. 


Navigating the User Dashboard

Click your avatar in the top right corner to access the user dashboard.


Helpful resources.jpg


To customize your profile, select My Settings in the drop-down menu, or click Edit Profile under About Me. When you create your account, you can upload your own avatar and link to your social media profiles to make it even more personal.


Navitaging 2.jpg


More info about updating your avatar can be found in the Community Profile, Time Zone, Picture (Avatar) & Date Display Preference support article. 


How to Ask Questions

In the Power BI Community, no question is a bad question! Don't be afraid to ask a question. If you're thinking it, someone else is, too. Let's get started!


Tip: Start with a search! It's likely that your question has already been asked! Not sure how to use search? No problem, check out this support article: Using Search to Find Answers and Unanswered Topics.


Click the Community option in the top menu navigation, then select Forums. 


How to ask Questions.jpg



Select one of the Forum categories under Title that best fits your question. Here, we chose the category Desktop.


PBI Forums Title.jpg


Click New Message.


PBI Forums New Message.jpg


Fill out the subject and body section of your message post. Select related message labels on the far right. Click Post to publish your message to the Forum.


PBI Complete a Forum Post .jpg



How to Like or Comment on a Post

Select the post you want to engage with.


To comment, click Reply in the lower right hand corner.


How to Reply.jpg



Type your response in the reply body and click Post to pubish your comment.


Reply response.jpg


To like, or Kudo a post, click the light green thumbs up box in the bottom right corner.


How to Kudo.jpg



Explore the Community Blog

The Power BI Community Blog is a great resource to learn more about Power BI's latest news and trends! Like the community, you can like, comment and even share any blog post. 


To explore the blog, click Community from the top navigation and then select Community Blog.


Community Blog.jpg


If you're interested in writing a blog or wish to contact someone, click Message Admins on the far right under the Blog Dashboard.


Message Admins.jpg


Give Feedback about the Community

Have suggestions on how we can improve the Power BI Community? We want to know!


Post your thoughts to the Community Feedback forum board. We want your community experience to be the best yet!


Community Support and Help

Need help with your community account? Community account support can be found in Community Accounts & Registration.


We want your community experience to be fun and easy. Let us know how we can can help! 




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