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Community Admin
Community Admin

Announcing the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge Winner

Hello Power BI Community!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge 2023. We were extremely impressed by the creativity, quality, and number of submissions. What a great way to celebrate the new Power BI teal accent color! 🎉


With a total of 136 community entries, it was hard for the community team to choose the finalists as there were so many good contenders.


Thank you for adding all your kudos, comments, and sharing your feedback.


Here are the top finalists. 📣


 Unleash your creativity Part of a Whole community Star Power Building Strong Relationships


Finalists for T-Shirt Challenge.jpg


                      qwatkins                                                             KerKol                                                             jennratten                  



Now for the winner of the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge 2023! Drum roll please! 🥁🥁🥁


  Power (BI) of Data Visualization


 Winner .jpg


🎉Congratulations Sajeev2023 you have been selected as the winner of the Power BI T-shirt Design Challenge 2023!🎉


@Sajeev2023 Tell us a little about yourself in the comments below. Any inspirational thoughts you’d like to share about your design?   We would love to know how you feel about winning the Power BI T-shirt Design Challenge.


A winning shirt will be produced and printed for the winner!


Do you have an idea for a challenge that you would like to see on the Power BI community? 💡

Let us know in the comments below.



Your Power BI Community Management Team,

Bringing the community together


Kelly Kaye (she/her/hers)  

Senior Power BI Community Lead 

For the AWESOME global Power BI Community! MVPs, user groups, and enablement 

Twitter: @ms_KellyKaye  

Twitter: @PowerBIWomen  

Regular Visitor

How can I get this shirt XXL size

As far as I know t-shirts are not sold here. But we can try to request a good quality image from the author and order ourselves a T-shirt with this print.

I would even suggest organizing a flash mob on this topic:

1. Everyone who wants to choose a print that he likes

2. Independently makes himself a T-shirt

3. Post here a picture of yourself in it😁

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hello Team,

Greetings! Eagerly waiting for the Winner T-shirt, I know it's under process. Please make it faster. Looking forward to new design related contests.

Warm Regards,

Sajeev Sebastian

Hello @sajeev2023,

We are sorry for the delay.  We are actively working on getting it printed and will follow up next week with an update for you.



Natalie H.

Community Manager 

Hello Natalie,

Greetings! hope you have completed the T-shirt process, waiting as per last email communication. You can find my address in mail. Please do not delay further as we are in the seventh month.

Hello @sajeev2023,

I will send you an update via email.



Natalie H.

Community Manager 

@sajeev2023 if you don't mind, please send us a photo of you in your T-shirt 🙂

You still have not got it? 😦

With all due respect that is a really bad look for Microsoft, there is no way it takes half a year to produce and mail a single t-shirt. Why bother organizing a contest if the community management team is unable to follow through with it or at least communicate clearly?

@KellyK @Natalie_iTalent 

@dk_dk @sajeev2023 
As far as I know, there are big changes being planned for the community right now and the delay is just due to that. There have also been a lot of updates in connection with Fabric.

I'm sorry it's taken so long. I think it will be resolved soon.

Regular Visitor

So how do we get the t-shirts

Resolver I
Resolver I

Congratulations @sajeev2023 

Amazing Design!!

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hello Admin Team(Kelly & Natile),

It's been a while I am waiting for your gift. There has been enough communiation on the same as well as shared pdf artwok by mail too. Please do something..I have been sending follow up mails and no action been taken, so many members had requested for the same T-shirt and I am sligtly disappinted being a winner. Hope you will do the needful. 

Thanks & regards,

Sajeev Sebastian

Hello @sajeev2023,

Thank you for reaching out.  I sent you a private message.



Natalie H.

Community Manager 

@sajeev2023 We need to stay calm😊. There have been big changes in the community right now and a lot of work has been done. There have also been some very big changes in Power BI itself. Because of this unfortunately apparently there are not enough hands to deal with the contest. I think in the near future the gift will be sent.

@KellyK Admin team, Reply for @sajeev2023 also Please announce the next Power BI competition. We're looking forward to it.



Karthik from India


@karthikkeyank I'm really looking forward to it too!

@KellyK How about a competition to create custom renderings using Deneb?

@KerKol What do you think about that?

Advocate I
Advocate I


How can we get a winner T-Shirt?  I have been trying to get some Power BI swag for some time but have been unsuccesful... 😞

Yeah strange, I thought the same. Usually the point of a t-shirt contest is that you can then buy the winning shirt. @KellyK please consider doing a pre-order round before printing, or a print on demand kind of deal, it appears that many of us in the comments are eager to get Power BI merch 😄

New Member

Congratulations @sajeev2023 

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