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Community Admin
Community Admin

Announcing the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge Winner

Hello Power BI Community!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge 2023. We were extremely impressed by the creativity, quality, and number of submissions. What a great way to celebrate the new Power BI teal accent color! 🎉


With a total of 136 community entries, it was hard for the community team to choose the finalists as there were so many good contenders.


Thank you for adding all your kudos, comments, and sharing your feedback.


Here are the top finalists. 📣


 Unleash your creativity Part of a Whole community Star Power Building Strong Relationships


Finalists for T-Shirt Challenge.jpg


                      qwatkins                                                             KerKol                                                             jennratten                  



Now for the winner of the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge 2023! Drum roll please! 🥁🥁🥁


  Power (BI) of Data Visualization


 Winner .jpg


🎉Congratulations Sajeev2023 you have been selected as the winner of the Power BI T-shirt Design Challenge 2023!🎉


@Sajeev2023 Tell us a little about yourself in the comments below. Any inspirational thoughts you’d like to share about your design?   We would love to know how you feel about winning the Power BI T-shirt Design Challenge.


A winning shirt will be produced and printed for the winner!


Do you have an idea for a challenge that you would like to see on the Power BI community? 💡

Let us know in the comments below.



Your Power BI Community Management Team,

Bringing the community together


Kelly Kaye (she/her/hers)  

Senior Power BI Community Lead 

For the AWESOME global Power BI Community! MVPs, user groups, and enablement 

Twitter: @ms_KellyKaye  

Twitter: @PowerBIWomen  

Advocate I
Advocate I

Congratulations to the winning post! That one was my favourite as well. it satisfied all the criteria beautifully.

Since this was first such participation from my side, I would like to clear some doubts. The contest mentioned that we must use a Power BI visual. Did this mean that we had to use Power BI to build some visual which can be printed on a t-shirt?

Additionally, I would like to know if having a representation of design on a t-shirt was necessary or was it optional?

These questions are just for learning purpose. Thanks again for engaging us in this beautiful event.

Hello @BatFury,

Thank you for asking.  @technolog was correct, the entry did not have to be on a t-shirt to be considered.  As far as your question about the visual, you did not have to use Power BI to build a visual.  We just wanted to see what you favorite types of visuals are that you can use in Power BI.  I hope that answers your questions!  



Natalie H.

Community Manager

@BatFury In between you had a cool design. I don't think it makes any difference to me whether the design is on a t-shirt or not.

My favorite designs were from @KerKol 

Advocate I
Advocate I

Congrats @sajeev2023  Amazing design

Advocate II
Advocate II

Congrats @sajeev2023!


Advocate II
Advocate II

Hello connections, I'm only waiting for my T-shirt from Power Bi team as my prize, which is mentined in the messege by Kelly K, even shared the vector artwork with the team. But still no response... waiting! 

Advocate I
Advocate I

Congratulations @sajeev2023.

Anyone know, where is available to buy it?

I would like to buy

How can somebody buy these t-shirts ?

@MKamran I think you can order a custom-designed t-shirt from a specialty store.


Or maybe @KellyK could make a limited edition Power BI t-shirt for us 😎.

Advocate I
Advocate I


Advocate II
Advocate II

Hello Kelly, greetings! When can I expect my prize, do you want me to share the pdf artwork. I was expecting any official communiation from Power Bi team regarding the same. 

Hello @sajeev2023,

Congratulations!  I reached out to you via private message.



Natalie H.

Community Manager 

Advocate I
Advocate I

💲Congratulations for your awsome work.


Post Partisan
Post Partisan

Congratulations @sajeev2023 

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hello team, thanks for the appreciation and kind words. Ofcourse, I can provide the art work little later. But it will not be png format as we cannot use it for good quality production. So I will provide all the design elemets and refernce file in pdf format so that the printer can do the placement accordingly. I am also waiting for my prize from Power Bi admin team.

Frequent Visitor

Will you offer hd png file for printing these t-shirts? Anyone can print.

Super User
Super User

@KellyK Thank you for organizing such an engaging challenge😍. It was very exciting to participate in it. I experienced a lot of positive emotions from the t-shirts😎.


It would be great if there were more challenges. For example, related to creating custom visualizations, creating beautiful reports, or a contest of non-picture features of Power BI😋

Advocate II
Advocate II

I have been been in the field of Graphics Designing for the last 15+ years , working in diverse companies like leading outdoor advertising and branding companies in Dubai to my present engagement with a 130+ year old cost consultancy firm Gleeds. I love experimenting with new software and tools which helps me to bring a fresh approach to any design challenge that I encounter. Been a trained artist , I have the ability to visualize and illustrate texts into impressive graphics. I have a knack of interweaving colors and graphics into magical design which never fails to impress!

I am really impressed by your interactive Power BI Dashboard, the interplay of colors has influenced my T-shirt Design.

I am extremely delighted and proud to be selected as the winner. I am humbled by the opportunity that Power BI has presented to showcase my skills. I look forward to many such challenges in the future from Power BI.

Love this design...congratulations Sajeev!


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