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Announcing the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge 2023

Hi Power BI Community!  

Welcome to the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge 2023!  We are excited about the Power BI Community accent color and invite you to join us to help launch the color change by designing a T-shirt!  


Power BI has updated our accent color to teal! This change was made to ensure our product is more accessible for users with disabilities. The new color improves contrast and increases visibility of the user interface in Power BI, making the experience easier to use and more inclusive.  The Power BI brand color and icon logo will remain yellow.


Here’s how the challenge works: Entries can be submitted by a Power BI community member. Multiple entries can be submitted.

The 3 elements to be included in the T-Shirt design are: 

  • Incorporate your favorite Power BI visual.
  • Power BI yellow icon (attached below)
  • Incorporate at least 2 Power BI colors:
    1. The new Power BI accent color (H #117865) 
    2. Power BI Yellow (H #F2C811) 

The Challenge is open to the Power BI Community and all members are encouraged to submit a T-Shirt design.

  • Submit your entry starting: 7th March 2023 and ending 21st March 2023.
  • The T-Shirt challenge winner will be announced on 29th March 2023 Pacific time.

Ready to get started?  Visit the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge 2023


Please review Microsoft Community Challenges Official Rules (attached below) prior to submitting your T-Shirt Challenge entries.


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