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Strange behaviour of slicer in Power BI Mobile

Hi to everyone,

i am writing here to expose my problem.

I have a report in Power Bi Desktop which uses year and month slicers as filters (i am using the default power bi slicer and currently i am using it with mobile layout on an Android phone).

In the desktop version it works perfectly but when i publish it and check the mobile version, the month slicer does not behave as expected.

I provide an example: i publish the report with year slicer set to 2022 and month slicer between january and july. The desktop version works perfectly (data is correct when changing month slicer) but in mobile layout when i select the month range january-december, it shows data of the published range (in this case, it sticks with january-july range). The other ranges work fine.

I think it's a bug and i'm wondering if there is a way to bypass this issue. If i was not clear in my explanation, please let me know.

Thanks to everyone,



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Hi Michal,

this is my scenario (i provide some screenshots to make it clearer).

DESKTOP VERSION: When i publish the report with the month slicer from january to july and then change from january to december, the profitability KPI changes correctly:



Redditività Luglio Desktop.PNG         Redditività Dicembre Desktop.PNG


As you can see, the two values are different as expected.


MOBILE VERSION: When i publish the report with the month slicer from january to july and then change from january to december, the profitability KPI stay the same (even if i select the time range january-december, Power BI Mobile shows me the same value of the range january-july):


Redditività Luglio Mobile.jpgRedditività Dicembre Mobile.jpg


This behaviour seems to be the same for any time range i set before the publication and it occurs only in mobile version (in my case Android phone).

For example, if i change the time range in january-june then publish the report, the result is the same. The range january-december shows me the value of the time range of publication, that is to say january-june in this case.


It seems like a bug to me but i'm writing here to know if someone else experienced this strange behaviour.

Are there any other slicers i can use? I checked in the marketplace but not found something for my case.

Thank you,


Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hi @Anonymous ,

Thank you for reporting the issue.

I couldn’t reproduce it following your explanation.

Can you please share screenshots or pbix  so we will better understand what you experience?




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