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Published Power BI App not showing in Mobile Users App search

We recently published updated audiences in our apps and removed the prior audiences.  After adding the users to the new audiences and publishing they can no longer find the app.  90% of the users in the new audiences used to be in the old audiences that we removed.  When they force close the mobile app, click on "see all" next to Recommended and search they still are unable to locate the app even though I know for a fact they have access via an Azure security group and via RLS. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @LRamsey ,


Can your user see the app from the list of apps (there is a "Apps" button in the home page footer menu)?

If the app is still missing, can your user swipe down when in the apps' list to force the mobile app to refresh its metadata? 


Can you please also share what platform (IOS, Android), app version and OS version your user is using?


Thanks Maya

Hi @mshenhav , it is not in their list of apps, before or after a refresh. We have exhausted force closing, searching, uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no luck for SOME users. Others can find it. Doesn't seem to be a common factor to those that are successful versus unsuccessful. It's occurring on both iOS and android devices. I'm not sure which version of either because it's hundreds of users. 

Hey @LRamsey ,


Thanks for your quick reply. 

Does the mobile application is able to open the app, if the user uses a link to the organizational app in order to open it? (you can get a link to the organizational app from its setup page--> copy link).

I am asking the team look into your scenario, and the above test will help us with the investigation.


Thanks, Maya

@mshenhav , thanks for the quick reply! If a user clicks the links we have provided on their mobile phones and it routes them to the app they are receiving an error. I can try to find a screenshot of the particular error. 

Hey @LRamsey ,


It would be great if you can email us to Power BI Mobile Support ( so we could continue the investigation with you. 

Can you please share the error message in the mail you send us, and also confirm that the users are able to see the app when using Power BI in the Web?

@mshenhav I just sent over the email with various screenshots.  All users were successful via laptop.

Frequent Visitor

Hi @v-shex-msft , we do use a security group via Azure to manage our members. However, we had special circumstances that required us to remove everyone's access, create new audiences, delete current audiences and re-add the security groups. Users are not able to locate the app via power bi iPhone app but can navigate to the app with no issues online. 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @LRamsey,

I'd like to suggest you use a security group to manager your members instead of directly remove and re-assign them permission.
Perhaps you can try to unpublish your app and re-publish it after waiting for a while. Then you can re-assign permission to confirm if users can access to these contents.


Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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