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Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Power BI app for windows - Win8 vs Win10

We are now building a Power BI Windows10 tablet app and would like to understand where you are with your plans to upgrade from Windows8 to Windows10


Are you using the Power BI app for Windows 8.1 regularly?

Do you have any restrictions in your organization for upgrading the Windows PC/tablet OS from 8.1 to 10?

Are you planning massive upgrade to Windows 10 in the future?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

@yaronc The new app is much better. I use win 8 appt in Laptop & not tablet mostly . The big issue is that the reports in the new win10 app don't fit the screen dynamically and needs to scroll down ( the settings are set to dynamic page and work on web, pbix, ios )






Konstantinos Ioannou


We are working to fix the issue with the reports view on tablets. 

Can you please check again the behavior of the reports on the app and tell me if it now looks better?


Are you considering to upgrade your laptop from Windows 8 to Windows10?

We are working to make a really great Windows10 Power BI app and would love that all of our customers enjoy that.


Also, can you please tell why are you preffering the Windows app vs the PowerBI web experience on your laptop?





@yaronc  Great, now the reports dynamically fit the screen. You are fast. One suggestion maybe for the dashboard view,  add a button like the browser to fit dashboard to screen size would be helpful.


I have upgrade already and using win10 app. 


I am using the browser mostly in laptop, since I am the owner & designer of the reports but for presentations I used also the win8 app. Mostly the sharing and annotate a graph option. Peaple loved it. But after  the full screen mode released in browser, and the annotate is not there in win10 app I don't use it often.


Alerts & annotations would help to use it more. Of cource win10 mobile os release ( for win 8.1 mobile ) would skyrocket the use. 


P.S. We don't use a SSRS 2016 which in future using the app would be absolutely necessary & optimal.


Thanks, keep up the great work


Konstantinos Ioannou
Power Participant
Power Participant

@yaronc That's a great news !

Any plan for Windows 8 / 8.1 mobile phone ? Power BI is only available for Windows 10 phone and which is only available for 2 models in Microsoft Lumia. 



Currently we don’t have plans to release the app for Windows8/8.1.

Windows 10 OS upgrade will be available soon to more Windows Phone devices.

See this article:

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