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Failed sign in from Power BI Mobile app to Power BI cloud (GCCH)

I have the PowerBI mobile app on my iphone.  I am able to loginto PowerBI in our commercial cloud but it errors out when I login PowerBI in GCCH.  I am using different accounts for each log in.  I do get MFA pop up which tells me it is going to the right Azure AD for authentication but once I get pass that, then I get an error saying" Sign in Error couldn't connect to Power BI please try again".


New Member

Hi Maya, 

Thank you for your reply.  I forgot to mention that I've already registered for PowerBI in gov and I am able to successfuly log in to PowerBI in GCCH using PowerBI on my desktop.  It is only on the mobile app where I am getting this error. 


Do you have any other suggestions?

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @cyangosk ,


It is probably becuase your tenant isn’t part of the allowed list for gov cloud. 

You should contact your  government account rep to have a CSS case opened to get this worked.

This document shows that you need to work with your account team to add your tenant to the allow list:

Sign Up for Power BI for United States government customers - Power BI | Microsoft Docs


In addition, can you please contact us at Power BI Mobile Support <> for additional information that is needed.


Thanks, Maya



Hey @cyangosk ,


The mobile apps are working a bit differently than desktop, and from your description it seems that your organization is not in our allow list (or that there is missing information). So, please ask your Microsoft rep to verify that your organization was moved correctly to Gov cloud (as described here:


In addtion, can you please contact us at Power BI Mobile Support <> for additional information that is needed for us to check your scenario?


Thanks, Maya

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