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Emails and phone numbers like Hyperlinks in table

Hi All,


I checked the seetings about data catogarization (Web URL) and it works fine. Do you have any idea if there is a way to create similar functionality for emails and phone numbers? I.e. if user exectude report on mobile and select customer with details such as phone and email, the cell will be active to click and call or email directly from phone?





Resolver I
Resolver I

There is a solution, that allows you to use email and phone call links in Power BI. It's called Bridger. Find out more:

Resolver I
Resolver I

There are custom visuals that can deal with tel hyperlinks. Take a look at this to find out how it's done:

New Member




Is it possible to display a phone icon like the mail icon when we use maito:?


We would like to launch a phone call from the power BI Contacts table.


We tried with tel: without success.



Thank you for your support,

Julien, Toulouse, France

Hi Julien


Did you ever get a solution to this? We would make extensive use of a '"tel:" link if we could get it to work in Power BI. Not just on mobile phones, but also on laptops/desktops to launch Cisco Jabber to call contacts presented within Power BI Reports.


I've done plenty of looking around, but not found a solution.



Hi @Peter_Klemm ,

We do not have support “tel:” link in power bi Mobile apps

Please vote for that idea in the idea site so we will be able to prioritize it




Helper IV
Helper IV

We are interested in this as well, because our dashboards will have heavy mobile use, so this would be a nice feature for construction field personel.  This would allow them to easily contact customers with a touch of a button from their phone.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi all,

Emails are very easy to implement on PowerBI mobile.

Simply define the link as a mailto link, when the link is clicked on the mobile device it will open the email client and allow sending a link.

Phones are trickier, you can try and use <a href="tel:1-847-555-5555">1-847-555-5555</a>  - however, this may not work on all phones.

Also note that the data category for the linked field should be defined as “WEB link” in PowerBI desktop.


Hope this was helpful.

Roy Gal



I could not read your response. The data category for the linked field should be defined as what?



Not applicable

Hi , I am trying the same functionality it is not working for me, can you please suggest the method. I am able to see the entire as it is though i have categorized as we url



Thank you very much for the response.  I just need a little more details on where to define the "mailto" link, as well as where to set up the phone number <a href="tel:1-847-555-5555">1-847-555-5555</a>.


Finally, as far as setting the data category as a Web link, I'm guessing this is just for the email address, correct?


Thank you,


Watch this tutorial that I found on Youtube.


Adding phone call 📞 hyperlinks in Power BI - YouTube

Unfortunately, due to new restrictions, the solution presented in the video doesn't work anymore. The good news is that a workaround is in development and ready for testing. We are currently looking for beta testers. For anybody interested, please reach out via

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