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Helper I
Helper I

Data in Space filters



I am testing the new Data in Space feature. When I set up the visuals and pin them to spaces, I make sure to set the right filters, and select the right page. However, when then viewing the visual, only the default save state of the report shows up. So it loses all the page configuration I did when placing the visual.


Any idea what could be happening?

Thanks for the help!

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @S-Croes,


We are fixing the issue and will release a new version with a fix next week. 

Can you please get that update once available in the store and test your scenario once again?


Thanks for reporting this!


Hello @mshenhav ,


I am still having the same issues with the filters not persisting after placing the visual. When I set the slicers while placing the visuals, they are reset to the default save state from the dashboard when scanning for them from the Home Screen in the app. 


Thanks for looking in to it! 

Hey @S-Croes ,


The lastest release has a fix. Can you please verify you are using app version 26.6?

If yes:
1) is the report part of workspace/app/personal workspace?

2) does the report page you are using have mobile optimized layout?


Thanks, Maya

Hi @mshenhav ,


I am running 26.6, and am still experiencing the issues. I have added screenshots.

The report is part of a Pro backed workspace.

It has no mobile optimized layout. 


Looking forward to your answers!

Thanks, Sebastiaan.


Placing visuals: different slicer settings, different data.Placing visuals: different slicer settings, different data.Viewing data: Visual resets to default save state of the report.Viewing data: Visual resets to default save state of the report.Version 26.6Version 26.6

Hey @S-Croes ,


I am happy to share that we have found the issue and working on a fix. Thank you for reporting it!

The next Power BI IOS release will have this fix.


Thanks, Maya

Hi @mshenhav ,


Awesome! I will be on a holiday for about three weeks, but I will test it when I am back!

Thanks for the hard work!


Kind regards,


Hello Maya, 


off course! Could you let me know when the update drops? Either then, or do you have a specific date?




Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @S-Croes ,


I am so excited that you are testing Data in space!

Can you please verify that when you pin a view to space, at the preview page, the "Pin data view with current filters" checkbox is checked?


Thanks, Maya

Hi Maya!,


Thanks for the quick response! I am loving the new feature, and all the ideas I am comming up with for it! 


To confirm, yes, I had the checkbox checked. As an aditionlon peace of imformation, it did not only lose the filters after I was done placing it, it even changed the page a couple of times.


Just to add also, it seems to be a bit inconsistend. Yesterday afternoon, I tried it again, and then it looked like the filters were sticking. 

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