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refresh failures

Experiencing a metric ton of refresh failures this morning that site intermitent issues. Error message is:
Failure details: The last refresh attempt failed because of an internal service error. This is usually a transient issue. If you try again later and still see this message, contact support.

I understand transient issues but I am now at 18 failures. Is there a larger issue? Nothing on the support page.

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I have had the same error sinde friday on one of our datasets. Same both on manual and automatic refresh.

Advocate III

We went from having transient refresh failures maybe a few times a week to multiple random dataset models have refresh failures throughout each day. 


It seems to have started in February around the same time as @kcantor and persists to date.


I'm hoping we can get a solid fix in place for scheduled refreshes as that is where the issues seem to be.

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Unfortunately same here: multiple datesets fail because of internal service error


Refreshing via PowerBI-Dekstop is fine.

Details for copying:

Activity ID:f5f74e41-7be5-4460-bdde-15d610b161d2
Request ID:562b142f-cc8b-2fa7-2da9-da64e6075243
Time:2021-05-21 05:38:27Z



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Hi @alexrobe_aht I know this reply is very late, but were you able to find a solution? I've used the Salesforce connector but I had some issues updating my data too. Maybe you can try to test your connection with a 3rd party connector. I've tried, supermetrics and I stayed with windsor because it is much cheaper so just to let you know other options. In case you wonder, to make the connection first search for the Salesforce connector in the data sources list:




After that, just grant access to your Salesforce account using your credentials, then on preview and destination page you will see a preview of your Salesforce fields:




 There just select the fields you need. It is also compatible with custom fields and custom objects, so you'll be able to export them through windsor.  Finally, just select PBI as your data destination and finally just copy and paste the url on PBI --> Get Data --> Web --> Paste the url.