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refresh failures

Experiencing a metric ton of refresh failures this morning that site intermitent issues. Error message is:
Failure details: The last refresh attempt failed because of an internal service error. This is usually a transient issue. If you try again later and still see this message, contact support.

I understand transient issues but I am now at 18 failures. Is there a larger issue? Nothing on the support page.

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I am happy you found it delightful. It was certainly not my intent to slay anyone. Sometimes I just lose my patience when the community support team posts links and makes statements that are both unhelpful and irrelevant. 

I hate that you had to rename and republish your model. That means that you lost all reports and dashboards created from that data. The likely reason you could not republish right away is that your report model was still lingering in the service as it actually takes a bit to fully remove it from Microsoft's clutches. 

If this happens again, in stead of republishing from the desktop after refreshing the data in the model manual. Try going to the service and using Get Data. With this method you will still be warned it will replace the existing model but will perhaps alleviate the issue of not being able to publish from the desk top. Reversing the direction to pull the data into the service instead of pushing it from the desktop will occastional work around a blockage. If it will not let you republish without removing the original model and you have no other choice, then remove the original model and try get data again from the service. 

Of course, I am always opposed to removing a model as I generally have a ton of reports tied to the model and original report and I loathe rebuilding work that was working just fine before the man behind the curtain forgot how to refresh data. 


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I raised a support ticket with Microsoft & they suggested me to update the personal gateway & it started working.

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@Anonymous How did you raise support ticket? I don't have personal gateway, my documents are stored on SharePoint and OneDrive and everything was working fine until recently


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@Anonymous Check if your enterprise gateway is latest or not. You can raise a support ticket on 
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Ticket raised 25th Feb is still pending.

Every day same email from PowerBI Support. They still don't have an update from their Product Support back end team. Yesterday the message changed slightly "

I understand your frustration and Apologize for the inconvenience,  we have created another internal ticket with Product group on nonstandard RCA ,
as soon as we get their response on that I will update you."
2 weeks and absolutely no iead from PowerBI support as to why these issues are happening/happened.
They need support!


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Updated to latest & greatest enterprice gateway & PBI Desktop. Now getting the metric ton of refresh failures w/ the 'transient issue' msg.


OMW, Microsoft wearing poopy-pants here.

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My Power BI report that has been working for months stopped working this weekeend out of no where. I am receiving the same error.

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Hey all! 


I got some feedback from MS support I wanted to share as some may find it helpful...


Scheduled refresh timeout:


Scheduled refresh for imported datasets timeout after two hours. This timeout is increased to five hours for datasets in Premium workspaces. If you encounter this limit, consider reducing the size or complexity of your dataset, or consider breaking the dataset into smaller pieces.


At the end of the year (2020), I cleaned up nearly all of my models; you know how it is, projects become a bit more mature & you realize there is some bloat you can get rid of. I thought EOY was a perfect time for this.


Just find it strange I just finished cleaning up errthing & I'm getting this.


You know what is super-strange? All of us are running into this problem at the same time. Right after MS Ignite. I wonder if we will all be told to either clean up our models, or...wait for it...go to Premium.

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I just fixed my issue. I updated my Windows OS and my OneDrive. I then went to Power BI Desktop Settings > Global > Data Load and cleared the Q&A Cache, and allowed 0 MB to be stored, cleared the Data Cache Management Options, and allowed 0 MB, cleared the Folded Artifacts Cache Options. Then I went to Settings > Current File > Q&A and unchecked "Turn on Q&A to ask natural language questions about your data". Then go to Settings > Global > Preview Features and make sure Q&A for live connected Analysis Services databses is unchecked. After doing all this, I finally was able to Replace the file and successfully override the broken dataset without having to create a new one. Hope this helps.

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Good Morning. 

My windows, sharepoint, gateway, and IOS is all up todate. My cache has been cleared. My data sets are not large and my refreshes are not timing out. In fact, this morning, 8 minutes after a refresh began, I received two failures both with the internal service error that is a transient issue. Can you please tell me if there is planned maintainence today? 

No response from Microsoft on my ticket because I can't trace refresh failures that occur randomly as I never know when it will happen. 

This is getting old.


Scheduled3/16/2021, 8:00:31 AM3/16/2021, 8:05:39 AMFailedThe last refresh attempt failed because of an internal service error. This is usually a transient issue. If you try again later and still see this message, contact support.
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2021-03-16 12:05:39Z