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model.SaveChanges() hangs when looping over several small partitions

I am running a loop over all the partitions I need to refresh. partition.RequestRefresh and model.SaveChanges() do the job, except every once every ten calls model.SaveChanges() just hangs. No error or anything. I am repeatedly testing on the same partitions, and it's essentially random which ones fail. The partitions are on the smaller side (it takes all but five minutes when it works), but I am currently waiting for a command that has run for 2.5 hours. What can I do to debug this?
Console.WriteLine("processPartitionInTable: Requesting refresh...");
 partition.RequestRefresh(type: Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Tabular.RefreshType.Full);
 Console.WriteLine("processPartitionInTable: Saving changes...");
 Console.WriteLine("processPartitionInTable: Done");
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