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complain about the drill through filer

so i'm having some issues with the drillthrough filter
first after putting on the drill through on power bi desktop and publishing, it doesn't work, you still need to put on the drill through on the power bi service.
now after putting on the drill through filter on the power bi service, everytime you leave the report page and come back to it, the filter goes off. and you have to keep putting it on every single time which is quite annoying.
is there a way around this?
second when you pin to dashboard ,the drill through doesn't work. meaning it only works on the report page
it only works kinda well on the desktop but what's the point on the desktop when i need to show it to someone after publishing.
it's quite annoying, is there a way work around this?

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Hi @Peeches123,


1. I can't reproduce this issue. It works great as expected. 

Q: 1) Does it work in the Desktop?

     2) Did you save the report when you add it again in your scenario as you described.


2. About drill through in the Dashboard, please submit an idea here:


Best Regards!


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hi @v-jiascu-msft


thanks for replying.


to answer your question: yes the drill through works on the desktop

my inital thought was that after putting on the drill through on the desktop and publishing to the service that it would work.

but after publishing, i realized that i still had to put it on, and that it only works when in the report view and not in the dashboard view(after you pin to live)

and for everytime you leave the report page and come back to it, you have to turn the drill through on again

my questions are: is there a way to make it work in the dashboard view

and do i always have to turn on the drill through every sinlge time i leave the report page and come back to it?

why i'm so concerned about it working on the service is because i can't keep telling a client to hold on while i turn on the drill through during a presentation and the client might not always be present hence the reason why we use the service   


is there a better way to do this or a work around?


sorry for the long explanation



Hi @Peeches123,


1. The Drill through filter doesn't work in the Dashboard. If you want this feature, please submit an idea here:

2. Drill through is always working in my testes. Please watch the video for details.
































Best Regards!