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Users cannot download pbix from shared dataset

Hi there,


Here's my situation:


Master dataset workspace:
Content: dataset only (Azure Analysis Services), no reports. The datasets are shared to AD (Security) Group with Read, reshare, build (all access).
Workspace members: BI Developers (Admin)

Reports workspace

Content: Dashboard and reports using the shared dataset from Master dataset workspace. All reports are using only one dataset.
Members: BI Developer (Admin), Report Authors (Member)

PBI Admin setting:
Export data ==> Enabled for entire organization.

Scenario 1: 

Report authors who have been shared the dataset with full permission (read, reshare, build), cannot download the pbix. The permission is given to both AD group that they are member of (and their individual accounts for trying to make it work).
Steps to re-create:
1) Report authors create reports using Power BI desktop connected to the PBI dataset inside master dataset workspace.

2) They then publish the report to Reports workspace.
3) When they try to download the report as pbix (File - Download report (Preview)), they got:


Workaround to enable the download:
Give the reports authors access as Members in Master dataset workspace. That way it will be shown as "Member (Owner)" in the manage permission of the shared dataset. Then they can downlod the report as pbix just fine.

Is this expected? As IT, We really do not want to give anyone outside IT access to the master dataset workspace, especially as members or admin, because they will be able to mess around with the dataset that we build.

Best Regards,

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