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Unable to export to powerpoint

Whenever I try to export to powerpoint, I get the following error message. I have seen that other people have gotten this message but been able to successfully export at a later time or after restarting their computer, but that has not been the case for me. I have been getting this message for over a week. I have tried restarting my computer, clearing my cache, and multiple browsers.


Error message:


Unable to export to PowerPoint
We couldn't export your report to a PowerPoint file
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity IDf66b7aee-963a-d26a-3442-bfab00606c53
Request IDec4b9b0d-3748-7c4e-ca22-96066c5e7271
Correlation ID763d3b44-8b1d-431b-f7b2-15d3c6396c7c
Status code500
TimeFri Mar 17 2017 09:10:09 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Status: Accepted
Regular Visitor

Sorry all I cant give you any meaning information.


I logged the support request on the 2nd and it was given ticket number AAAAA.


On the 4th I was told AAAAA had been closed and it had been excalated to a new ticket BBBBB.


On the 7th I was told BBBBB had been closed and it had been excalated to a new ticket CCCCC.


Each time I emailed to see whether anyone had looked at the issue - I either recieved no response or they didnt know. Im looking forward to DDDDD.


From our end Export to PDF started working again the 5th. We dont know why.



Regular Visitor

Well after seeing my response above I was advised by Microsoft that it was a known issue that was resolved Saturday via a global rollout. Unfortuantely they did not put it on the Health Status.

Regular Visitor
It looks like this issue has been resolved, at least for us.
Regular Visitor

Got my hopes up!  Still not working for us Smiley Sad


Glad it's working for the rest of you though!

Regular Visitor

Sorry to hear that - where abouts are you located? Have you logged a ticket?


Im PMing you my ticket numbers in case you can get MS to use them as a reference.

Frequent Visitor

Same error and it's happening only with reports that has a live connection to a Power BI dataset. 

for reports using other type of connection (SQL / Vertica / ODBC), it is working exporting to power point.