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Two Different On-premises Data Gateways on Two VMs Using the Same Server

Our organization is using licensing through two different Microsoft accounts (our company and a parent company).  Each needs its own on-premises (enterprise) data gateway.  We set-up two separate VMs on the same server and downloaded the gateway to each one - call it VM1 and VM2.  The parent company is signed in to VM1 using their Microsoft credentials.  We are signed in to VM2 using our Microsoft credentials.


THE PROBLEM: When one entity signs in to the on-premises gateway on their dedicated VM it seems to kick the other out causing the gateway to fail (at least this is what I think is happening).


MORE DETAIL: When I go in to re-establish the gateway on our VM (VM2) and sign-in with my primary Microsoft credentials (child), it says "Gateway was not found.  Please try to reconfigure the gateway."  The original gateway does not show up to 'migrate, restore or takeover' so a new one has to be created.  When I go in to create a new one, the gateway cluster for my Microsoft account does not show up.


However, I also have credentials for my parent company's Microsoft account and if I sign in using that, the existing gateway and cluster will show up for the parent company.


Again, I think this has something to do with the fact we are running two on-premises gateways on separate VMs, but on the same physical server.  I could, however, be wrong.  In either case, is there a recommended fix?  I have already installed another gateway for our (child) company on another physical machine and it serves as the primary for our cluster - it runs without any problem thus far.  I would like to figure this out and use the VM as a secondary gateway in our cluster, if possible.

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Thanks.  We discovered that we had been signing in to the same server (VM) with different credentials all along.  It had nothing to do with a VM at all.