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Trying to update Power BI App with the new experience



Since changing my apps to the new app experience that came out on August 24th, 2022 I'm unable to update my apps. Just updating the data in existing reports work, however when I try to add a new report or user to the app, the updated fails on both premium and non-premium workspaces.


Here's the error message I receive:

Activity ID: 3c436903-31cc-4deb-acb6-129ce3edaaa0
Request ID: 86792392-0c11-b79d-66e0-0282c9f6d375
Correlation ID: 6e7df13f-9f69-f61a-e3ea-4ca37bbf32a6
Time: Wed Aug 31 2022 14:27:37 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Service version: 13.0.18945.45
Client version: 2208.4.12891-train
Cluster URI:


Please let me know if you have any additional questions for me.




Status: Accepted

Currently it have been considered as a known issue which would be fixed in early of September, so please stay tuned.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Advocate III

We have found the Audience membership is exclusive.


Audience 1) Gets report A, B and D (but C is 'invisible')

Audience 2) Gets Report C only


Audiences are based on Exchange distribution groups. 


If a person is a member of the group granting access to audience 1, they will see a, b and d.

If a person is a member of the group granting access to audience 2, they will see c.

But when a person is a member of the workspace, or both groups, they only see a, b, and d because 'c' is hidden to them from audience 1.


A better way to do it would be to look at the permissions as additive. We can get away with the deny permission being the one that gets carried through with file access, but when our method of control is exchange distribution lists, where leaders are members of the team lists, this scheme fails.


I want to be able to add specific content based on role, so that at a VIP level they can see all content, but those at a lower level can see only relevant content. But since the VIP is also member of the distro restricting lower-access-level content, the report is hidden from them.

Helper V

Hi @MVP68794  Starting today I'm facing same issue reported here. As per documentation, these are the messages I'm getting back when trying to update an App with new Experience capabilities... 

When click to update the App

Power BI was unable to read the application metadata. Please check the Power BI service status in the below support page and try again later.
Date and Time: 2022-09-08 23:33:44Z
Activity Id: d96f0941-4383-4eb1-889a-f00426a1cc67
Request Id: fa3a2906-eaf6-4ab3-977d-e16c625b0916


Updating the AppUpdating the App


When Try to Gett New App: 

Activity ID: d96f0941-4383-4eb1-889a-f00426a1cc67
Request ID: 279b2c63-2f88-583c-06e1-b130ea9d7b31
Correlation ID: 36e09d8e-4c4a-be42-853c-204a651545a4
Status code: 401
Time: Thu Sep 08 2022 20:24:12 GMT-0300 (Brasilia Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.18988.47
Client version: 2208.5.13156-train
Cluster URI:


Hope this usse will get resolved very soon.
Thanks in advance,


Regular Visitor

This is a nightmare - all visuals have been removed from supervisors app - can only see the text boxes - and I'm going on AL for 3 weeks tomorrow.  Dreadful rollout - how could this have happened.  Can see no way to return to functioning service.  Please sort this shocker out ASAP.

Regular Visitor

It would be good to get an update on this issue that was to be fixed by early September. 

Regular Visitor

Hello @v-yingjl ,


Still without fix? I've been having the same issue for over a week

Advocate I

Hello, do we have any news about this big issue ?



Regular Visitor

It appears the issue has been resolved, at least for my area, East US 2!




Advocate I

Ok it's not on my side..

Regular Visitor

Still not resolved in Australia

Regular Visitor

Solved in Brazil.