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The "OK" button for Data Colours is greyed out, and I can't figure out why

Hey folks, trying to learn Power BI.

I have a scatter plot, and I want the Colour of the datapoints to be driven by a third Measure (beyond the ones driving the x and y axes). I would have thought this was as easy as hitting the "fx" button on Data Colors and setting up conditional formating with the Color Scale.


However, the "Ok" button is greyed out, and I can't figure out what's missing or why it isn't letting me use this feature.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!






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Further details... this may be a UI bug.

I'm dialing into a remote computer via Remote Desktop Connection, and that's where I'm seeing the issue. However, if I try to replicate the exact same workflow with PowerBI on my local machine, it seems to work.

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I tried the latest version and the button displays at the bottom as usual. You might need to check the display settings.