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Temporarily lose Admin permissions in Workspace

A few times a day, I will be using/browsing reports and dashboards in various workspaces within the Power BI service. Eventually, as I navigate, I will lose my Workspace Admin permissions. I am no longer able to export .pbix files, manually refresh datasets, schedule refreshes, etc. The menu options are simply no longer available to me. Manually logging out of Power BI and logging back in temporarily fixes the issue.

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Community Support

@RyanNICE ,


I have made a test but couldn't reproduce this issue. My tenant: East US 2 (Virginia), my service version: 13.0.13599.187. In addtion, have you checked the tenant settings and check if any features below have been disabled?



Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor



Those options are all set correctly. This happens 1-3 times daily where my permissions dissappear, and logging out and back in restore them. It is happening to multiple users in our org using different computers and internet browsers.


This screenshot shows what happens when I am using Power BI normally. The option to download report becomes faded. Notice the 8:05am


I can verify that I am an admin in this workspace, only 3 mins later.2020-06-18_8-08-10.png


Nothing I do restores my permissions while I am logged in. I can no longer edit workspace settings, schedule refreshes, or download .pbix files. So I then manually log out, 1 min later.



When I log back in, all of my admin permissions are restored. Our IT Team and Office 365 Admins do not make any changes during this process of logging out and back in. 2 Mins after logout.