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Strange Filter Behavior in Published Reports

It was suggested that I post this Issue here:


Since the last update I am having very strange behavior from filters, 


When I work the report in Desktop, there are no Page Level filters:

When I view the published report in Edit mode, there are no Page level filters:

Edit View.JPG

When the published report is viewed in Reading view there are flagged Page level filters that are not on any column and all seem to be the same:

Read View.JPG


The hover message says the filter is 'undefined' and the result of a drill action.I have rebuilt this report twice making sure not to add any filters at all or have any drill applied.  No users have rights to edit reports, so there has bene no user activity. 


It is interesting that the number of phantom filters generated is thre same as the number of summarized columns in the report


This is not the only report that has done this, and the Reading view is what the users see, so these look really bad.


How can I get rid of them?  Un-summarizing the columns is not the answer.


Thanks for your help.

Status: New
Community Support

@JTucker ,


I have made a test on your issue but couldn't reproduce it on my side. My tenant: East US 2 (Virginia) and power bi service version: 13.0.13599.187. If this issue persists, I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

Support Ticket.gif 


Jimmy Tao