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Slicer (between slicer) is allowing decimal range instead of whole numbers

I created a table with 2 columns (value,label), 1 to 20, A to T.  The value is whole number.  I create a Table tile with both columns and insert a slicer with the Value column.  














Now I drag the right slider to value 8 and then drag the left slider to the furtherst right it can go, which is also 8.   The filtered table does not return any data but should be showing (H,8).













The reason it is not returning data is because when i moved the right slider it was set to 8.434275236 even though it showed 8.  When i slide the left slider to match the 8 it also was set to 8.434275236.  The slicer allows a person to move the slider to a decimal number even when the data type is whole number.    The result is correct because 8 is less than the selected decimal numbers but when you are moving the slider you do not see the decimal places.


You can only see the decimals when you click in the value field.















This needs to be fixed to only let the slider select whole numbers when the data type is whole numbers.


Status: Delivered
Community Support

Hi @jinkaid,


I have sent a email to consult this issue internally, will update here once I get any information.




To work around the issue, please type 8 in boxes to filter values.


Best Regards,

Community Support

Hi @jinkaid,


I got below response from PG team:


Yes this is a known thing. We have a defect for tracking this but right now it is pretty much by design. We format the display in input boxes using formatting set on the column but the actual filter applied is not formatted. If you click in the text box, it shows the actual value used in the filter.


Best Regards,

Impactful Individual
Status changed to: Delivered