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Slicer Bug dropdown switches to list when Report is published

I am reporting a similar bug to the issue rasied in March 2019


The difference is I am not using bookmarks. I am using Desktop Version: 2.74.5619.621 64-bit (October 2019).


Other solutions to this issue such as switching off the visual header or editing the slicer in Power BI Service have not resolved the bug.


When I edit the slicer in Power BI Service and change it from List to Dropdown it looks fine until I save the Report and switch back to reading mode. When I make the switch to reading mode the dropdown automatically reverts to a list. 

Please take a look at the screen recording of this issue.


I raised this in the community and was advised to raise an issue


Some screenshots


Desktop/editing mode

PBI-Desktop view.jpg


Service/reading mode

PBI-Service view.jpg

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Community Support



I cannot reproduce the issue. Always try the latest version of Power BI Desktop and check Supported browsers. You may also create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.

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This is happening to me too. It is changing many of my dropdowns inexplicably to mosaic slicer views. It is directly related to when I last updated Power BI. It's making development SO SLOW because I have to keep copying and pasting the dropdowns when I navigate to a different page so I don't have to completely recreate the slicers every time. The first time it happened was when I pressed a button to navigate to a bookmark.

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I am having this issue as well in several instances. Here is exactly how it has appeared every time:
Step 1: Make a selection in a slicer
Step 2: Save that slicer with selections in a bookmark

Step 3: Click another bookmark

The bookmarks were on the same page, filtering a different slicer (one to only show 3 wks data, one to show all data). I update bookmark with a selection, click on all dates bookmark to do the same, but slicer now shows as a list, not a dropdown and won't change back. Can we please fix this and does anyone know a way to change it back and make this work? I need to save the slicers with data selected. Thanks!


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Hey people, i have the exact same problem here and i cant fix it.. How can we inform the developers to fix this Bug? 

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I'm having the same problem here. I hope developers can address this issue soon.

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i found a solution for that issue :

when you set a bookmark, you can ( and uncheck the Data option on its menu - that will eliminate data filter issues (after you uncheck the Data, click the Update on the same bookmark menu - inorder to save that setting)

in that way, you can use one combo box for these bookmarks, without having the issue of the slicer shown as a list.