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Selection Pane Drag and Drop Layer Ordering Glitchy and Frustrating

I just updated my PowerBI and now when I drag and drop items into groups in the selection pane, the item will jump randomly (up or down) into another group (that may or may not even be expanded) and it takes at least 3 attempts to get it where I want it. Please can you look into this!

Status: Investigating

Hi @Anonymous 


Thanks for your reply! You may upload your screenshot by Insert photo option.


For your issue, since I couldn't repro it, I would suggest you opening a support ticket by Support | Microsoft Power BI. There will be a support engineer assigned to you to  help you on this issue.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Caiyun

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Music to my ears! You know the trick where you click and drag and attempt to drag into a group in different layering positions, but then it always seems to work on the 3rd time? You adapt and get used to it... until yesterday I was literally trying a dozen times. It was insane to think it would work on the 9th but there I was... and here I am. I am so glad you raised this previously. 

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Someone on my team shared a good tip, if you can drag the item to the right group then use the arrows at the top of the selection pane to get it in the right position in that group you can shave off a few attempts - hope that helps in what is hopefully the short term!

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I sure as heck hope so. It's maddening how it never goes where you indicate until the 3rd or 4th attempt.