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Selecting bookmark resets filter/selection on other tables

I have two bookmarks, one to show a summary table and one to show a detail table. If a user selected an item on the summary table, and then clicked the bookmark to show the detail table, it would filter to show details relevant to that selection.


I noticed that since the new versions of the desktop AND the service, this no longer works, and hiding the summary table will result in resetting the view for the detail table. Both bookmarks have their "data" option unticked.


I reverted back to the August 2018 version of powerbi desktop and this functionality is back, but when I publish to the service, it still has lost this function. I have not seen anyone mention this, but it does not seem like it is an intended change.

Status: Needs Info
New Member

Is there a workaround?


Frequent Visitor

I second that workaround?  

I currenlty have a dashboard that resets the line chart visual when the table is hidden by the bookmark.