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Search text in slicer won't clear out

Hi , 


The search text entered in the slicer won't clear even after hitting eraser OR using cook mark to clear default selection. This is reaslly annoying. This was working as expected few months back . And users are facing issues/ confusion due to this. 



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Community Support

Hi @saileekumawat88


Did you encounter the same issue as the one reported in this thread? If it is, the fix will be released soon. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Advocate I

It is this + Search text not clear out when we hit eraser . It stays on  . So it's confusing to users and it shows limited values.  Unless user refreshed browser , the values in search box won't disappear. 



New Member

I am experiencing the same thing - when I enter text in the search box in a slicer, the next time I go into the slicer that text remains there.  I tried clearing it out but it will not clear.  One comment mentioned this would be corrected on October 19, 2019 but it is now December 18th and the problem still exists.  Is there a solution for this issue?  This is causing a lot of negativity about Power BI.

Advocate II

@v-qiuyu-msft I think the issue is different than the one you reference. If the user clicks the eraser/clear button on the slicer the inferred result will be that the search box is cleared as well.

Helper II

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft 


Can you please tell when this issue will be fixed ?

This is really confusing the users. 




New Member

Hello Guys,


Any news about this issue? The slicer behaves the same when you manage bulk slicers reset using bookmarks.

ie: I have a filters page in which I have a bookmark with all slicers unfiltered. When I apply filters and then click the reset button, all the slicers are set back to unfiltered state thanks to the bookmark, However, if the users entered any text in the search boxes of the slicers, the text remains there and the users cannot see the other values of slicer unless they manually erase the text slicer by slicer. This really ruins all the advantages of using bookmarks to reset the filters in this situation